Mantra to Exorcise Ghosts and Spirits Using Owl Feather

In this article, I have written about a most powerful Indian Exorcism Mantra for eliminating ghosts, spirits, and other negative entities from the body of a possessed person. This Exorcism Spell has been derived from an authentic version of the Uluk Tantra or the Hindu Supernatural Science of using the Owl for casting Tantric Spells.

The Technique of Practicing this Shabar Mantra Sadhana: 1] The Shabar Mantra Sadhana can be started on any auspicious date according to the Hindu Almanac, like a Shubh Muhurat, Shubh Nakshatra, Shubh Tithi, Jyotish Shastra Yog or a Hindu Festival.

2] The practitioner should bathe and wear clean clothes and take Sankalp or Pledge by taking water in his right hand and saying that he will complete the Mantra Sadhana in 11 days by chanting the Exorcism Mantra given below 1000 times every day.

3] Then, he should take a Feather of an Owl, wash it in clean water, keep it before himself, light Incense and Oil Lamp before the Owl Feather, sit down facing the East Direction, and chant the Shabar Mantra. He can use his favored counting rosary or a Rudraksha Beads Jaap Mala for counting the number of Mantra Chants.
Hindu Exorcism Spell

ओम् नमः रुद्राय नमः कालिकाय नमः चंचलाय नमः कामाक्ष्यै नमः पक्षी-राजाय नमः लक्ष्मी वाहनाय भूत-प्रेतादिनां निवारणं कुरु कुरु ठं ठं ठं स्वाहा ||

Aum Namah Rudraaya Namah Kalikaaya Namah Chanchalaaya Namah Kamaakshyai Namah Pakshi-Rajaaya Namah Lakshmi Vaahanaaya Bhoot-Pretaadinam Nivaranam Kuru Kuru Tham Tham Tham Swaha ||

4] After the completion of the Shabar Mantra Sadhana, the practitioner should blow his breath on the Owl Feather wrap it in a small piece of Silk Cloth, and keep it in a Small Wooden Box. This procedure will infuse the Power of the Shabar Mantra into the Owl Feather and then, it can be used as a medium to exorcise negative energies from the body of a possessed person.

The Method of Using Owl Feather to Exorcise a Possessed Person:
The practitioner should make the possessed person sit or stand before him and then move the Shabar Mantra Infused Owl Feather around the body of that person in a clockwise direction 54 times, each time he does so he has to chant the Shabar Exorcism Mantra.

After completing the Exorcism Ritual, the Owl Feather should be wrapped in the Silk Cloth and kept in the Wooden Box. It can be used again and again to exorcise other possessed persons.

Notes: All information in this post is only meant to give knowledge about ancient Hindu Paranormal Practices and not for actual use.

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