Most Powerful Battisa Yantra for Good Luck

In this post, I have written about The Sarvatobhadra Battisa Yantra, which is a Most Auspicious Yantra vibrating to the frequency of the Number 32 to Attracting Good Luck and Making All Problems Vanish. This Magical Yantra attempts to invoke Surya Narayan or The Sun God.

The Battisa Yantra is very powerful and effective. Using the procedure described in this post and chanting the Mantra given below, the Yantra can be made more potent and beneficial for gaining every kind of success and eliminating all problems and obstacles.

The Procedure of Making and Using this Magical Battisa Yantra: 1] The Yantra Sadhana is 11 days and it should be started on a Sunday Morning after bathing and wearing clean clothes.

2] The practitioner should face the East Direction and prepare two Yantras, similar to the Yantra shown in the image on two separate pieces of Bhojpatra with Haldi-Chandan Paste using an Anar Kalam or pointed stick of a pomegranate tree as the pen. Haldi-Chandan Paste is prepared using a mixture of Turmeric and Sandalwood Powder in equal quantities and adding a few drops of water to make a paste. Another option for the ink for writing the Battisa Yantra is only using Haldi Paste, instead of Haldi-Chandan Paste. 

Sarvatobhadra Battisa Yantra

3] The practitioner should worship the Yantras and keep one of them on his body by putting it in a metal amulet and wearing it around his neck and keep the other Yantra on a wooden board and light a Ghee Ka Diya and keep it on the other Yantra.

4] Then, he should chant the Mantra given below 11, 000 times using a Haldi Mala, which is a counting rosary prepared using Turmeric Beads.

|| ह्रीं हंसः ||
|| Hreem Hamsah ||

5] The Yantra Sadhana should be done for 11 days using the other Battisa Yantra, which should be kept in the Puja Ghar or a clean place in the house during and after the Yantra Sadhana. This Battisa Yantra Sadhana will appease The Sun God who will bless the practitioner with success and make all problems and difficulties vanish.

Note: See the sections Astrological Yantras and Yantras for Good Luck for many such powerful Good Luck and Problems Removing Yantras and Charms.


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