Potent Mantra to Extinguish Evil, Harmful and Negative Energies

In this post, I have written about a Potent Mantra to extinguish evil, harmful and negative energies, vibrations, and beings from the affected people's houses or bodies. The unique healing powers of this Negative Energy Removing Mantra can also be utilized for getting relief from undiagnosable diseases and ailments.

This Mantra for exorcising evil and negative energies from an affected house or person appears in a Marathi text on Shabar Mantras, but it is techniqually not a Shabar Mantra. However, the Mantra is considered very potent in removing all kinds of negative energies and vibrations, like ghost spirits, evil eyes, black magic spells, curses, and other similar vibrations.

The wording of the Mantra is simple and easy to remember because to gain Siddhi and make the Mantra work, it should be first memorized. Hence, it is classified as a Swayama Siddh Mantra.

The technique of utilizing this Mantra to remove negative energies:
The practitioner should take some water in a small metal cup or utensil and holding it in his right hand chant the Mantra given below 1, 3, or 7 times to transfer the powerful negative energy destroying vibrations of the Mantra into the water.

Potent Mantra to Extinguish Evil

ओम् आं कीं हुं मार हस्त ह्रां ह्रीं करे समस्त दोषन् हर हर | विसर विसर | हुं फट् स्वाहा ||
Aum Aam Keem Hum Maar Hast Hraam Hreem Kare Samast Doshan Har Har | Visar Visar | Hum Phat Swaha ||

Afterward, the practitioner should sprinkle the energized healing water on the body of the person who has been targeted by evil forces. If the practitioner is practicing this Mantra Experiment to exorcise evil from a house, he should sprinkle the energized water in every room of the house, especially the corners of the rooms.

Some Points to remember if you are using this Mantra:
Worship of any kind is not recommended, if the practitioner wishes, he can visualize his favored God or Goddess or Guru [ if he has one ] while practicing this exorcism ritual using water.

This is a single-use Exorcism Mantra Experiment and if needed it can be repeated after again.

Confidence and belief in the powers of the Mantra is an essential prerequisite for gaining instant success in this negative energy removal Mantra Experiment.

Fresh clean drinking water can be used for the exorcism ritual, if you live in India and can get Ganga Jal, then you can do so.

The Hindi video of this Mantra for destroying negative energies can be viewed on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Pani Se Nakaratmak Shaktiyon Ko Bhagane Ka Mantra

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