Shabar Mantra to Terrify and Immobilize Ghosts and Demons

In this post, I have written about a Maha Shaktishali or Most Potent and Powerful Shabar Atma Raksha Mantra, which possesses the supernatural powers to immobilize and terrify ghosts, spirits, demons, vampires, witches, and other similar harmful invisible beings by chanting the Shabar Mantra just once.

This is a Unique Shabar Exorcism Spell that can generate tremendous energy if chanted with complete belief in the power of the Mantra. This Shabar Mantra is also called a Stambhan or Immobilization Mantra. Stambhan, like Maran, Uchchatan, Vidveshan, and Sammohan is one of the Tantriki Shatkarma Mantra Sadhanas that can be used for Satvik as well as Tamsic or Pure or Harmful Motives.
Shabar Bhoot-Pretatma Stambhan Mantra

How to chant the Shabar Mantra to extinguish evil vibrations:
This being a Swyam Siddh Mantra or a Mantra that starts working the moment it is chanted does not require any Mastery or any ritual or prayer to make it work in frightening and immobilizing dangerous invisible beings.

However, I would advise readers to first fully memorize the Shabar Stambhan Mantra to be able to recall it instantly whenever the practitioner experiences discomfort and apprehends danger and harm from any evil being, including, Bhoot-Pret, Atrupt Atma, Pishach, Rakshasas, Dayan Brahma-Rakshasas or Chudails.

In such times of need, the Shabar Bhoot Nashak Mantra should be chanted 1, 3, 11, or 21 times mentally or verbally depending on the practitioner's wishes. If living under perpetual fear of darkness or harm from unknown entities, the practitioner can chant the Shabar Atma Raksha Mantra every day in the morning or before sleeping at night.

|| र्चर्र र्चर्र गणका आज्ञा भुता-प्रेता खबीसा गुर्र गुर्र स्वाहा ||
|| Rchrr Rchrr Ganaka Aagya Bhuta-Preta Khabisaa Gurr Gurr Swaha ||

The Hindi video of this Bhoot-Pretatma Stambhan Mantra can be viewed on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Bhoot-Pret Aatma ka Stambhan Karne Ka Shabar Atma Raksha Mantra

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