Potent Navnath Mantra to Instantly Remove Bad Karma

In this post, I have written about a simple Two-Line Prayer, which can be chanted like a Sloka or Mantra to remove the harmful side-effects of guilty consciousness originating from any intentional or unintentional wrongdoing or on their part. This is very true in good-natured people who firmly believe in Karma and the after-effects of sins.

Hindu Philosophy categorizes human beings into three broad categories Satvik or Kind, Pious and Good-Natured People, Rajsik or People Possessing Normal Wants and Normal Ambitions and Tamsic, or People Possessing an Evil, Cunning, or Demonic Mindset. It is usually the Satvik or Rajsik people who suffer from guilty consciousness originating from wrong and harmful actions on their part in the past. 

However, Hindu Philosophy also preaches that no one is totally evil or totally pure and that everyone can change and become good or bad depending on the circumstances. A prime example is Maharishi Valmiki who was a pious Brahmin turned thief who again transformed into a Maharishi and composed the Ramayana.

About this Mantra: The Mantra to Remove Bad Karma and Guilty Consciousness described in this post is a variation of the Navnath Mantra to Attract Positive Energy and Remove Bad Karma, which was composed by me in in 2011 and it is a very potent tried and tested Mantra that will start working instantly if it is chanted with total faith in the Powers of the Mantra. The earlier article can be seen here: Navnath Mantra to Remove Mental Darkness on Diwali.

How to Chant the Mantras: Even a single chant of the Mantra will remove mental darkness from the mind and eradicate the fear of the harmful effects of Bad Karma. The practitioner can chant the Mantra mentally or verbally if he starts feeling depressed or uncomfortable and starts thinking about the wrong-doing or harmful act committed by him in the past. 

If he is finding it difficult to sleep at night because his mind keeps reminding him of the Bad Karma, then he can chant the Mantra just once before going to sleep after mentally visualizing the Guru Dattatreya and the Navnath Masters.

Potent Navnath Mantra to Instantly Remove Sins

The Hindi video of this Mantra to Remove Mental Darkness can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Apradhik Bhavna Se Mukti Pane Ka Navnath Mantra

Readers can see Many Mantras and Prayers to Remove Sins, Bad Karma and Guilty Consciousness in the various sections of this site, including the section Prophet666.com: Mantras for All Purposes and Prayers and Mantras.


  1. It's really worth a mantra. The quality of mantra is washing away of sins . A rare mantra
    Keep it up

  2. Thanks a lot for posting a beautiful mantra .which literally washes your sins. In fact looking for it.


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