Mantras for Invoking Anuragini, Padmini and Nati Yakshini

In this post, I have described the Mantras for Invoking Anuragini, Padmini, and Nati Yakshini. There is a slight difference in the Mantras of these three Yakshinis, but the procedure of practicing the Mantra Sadhana of all three Yakshinis is the same. Hence, the practitioner can choose to invoke any of these three most powerful Goddess-Like Yakshinis, depending upon his preferences.

In the past, I had given more than one individual Mantra for invoking all three Yakshinis having different Mantras and Rituals and for different purposes. All three of these Yakshinis have different appearances, the Auragini Yakshini is extremely fearsome but some scriptures describe her as being very beautiful, the Padmini Yakshini is the epitome of attractiveness and beauty, and the Nati Yakshini as her name signifies is a beautiful Actress, like Yakshini.

Benefits of Invoking Any of These Three Yakshinis:
All three of these Yakshinis are part of a group called Ashta or Eight Yakshini. Hence, they can be considered to be the primary or main Yakshinis who were worshiped even by great Rishis and Maharishis in ancient times for the gain of divine and magical powers. 

If a Sadhak succeeds in invoking any one of them, he will get a magic potion that can give him everything in life, including immense wealth, name and fame, power and authority, all kinds of physical and mental pleasures, and divine protection.

Apart from this, he will gain supernatural powers, magical items, and Siddhis of all kinds. However, I have to mention that these are very difficult Mantra Sadhanas and only a select few succeed in actually invoking a Yakshini.

Mantras for Invoking Three Yakshini

The Procedure of Practicing the Yakshini Invoking Mantra Sadhana:
The practitioner should select any one of the three Yakshinis and draw an image of the Yakshini on a Bhojpatra and worship it by lighting Dhoop and Diya of Pure Ghee and offering Gandham, Akshata, and flowers. He should then chant the Mantra of the chosen Yakshini 3000 times. This procedure should be done every day for One Month.

The image of the Yakshini symbolizes the Yakshini because it is difficult to actually describe the looks of the Yakshini. The practitioner should draw the image depending on how he mentally visualizes the Yakshini.

Some information about the looks of the Yakshini can be seen in the earlier posts given below:

Nati Yakshini

The Mantras of the Anuragini, Padmini, and Nati Yakshini have been given below. The practitioner should select only one of these three Mantras and practice the Yakshini Sadhana with that Mantra.

|| ओम् आगच्छ अनुरागिणी स्वाहा ||
|| Aum Aagachchha Anuragini Swaha ||
||ओम् आगच्छ पद्मिनी स्वाहा ||
|| Aum Aagachchha Padmini Swaha ||
|| ओम् आगच्छ नटी स्वाहा ||
|| Aum Aagachchha Nati Swaha ||

The Mantra Sadhana should be done throughout the night of Amavasya, which is the last day of the Yakshini Mantra Sadhana and the number of Mantra Chants should not be counted. As per the Yakshini Tantra, if the practitioner succeeds in the Mantra Sadhana, the chosen Yakshini will manifest and give him a magic potion that will give him success in everything, including the benefits mentioned above in this post.

Note: Information given in this post is only meant to give information about Indian Paranormal and Tantric Practices. Articles on Yakshinis, Apsaras, Yoginis, and other mystical beings can be seen in the sections Yakshini Mantras and Tantra.


  1. Do you have more mantras for changing forms?

    1. Similar Mantras can be seen by trying a site search.

  2. I'd kindly ask for you to source this information before we test it .

    1. This information is derived from Yakshini Tantra, as mentioned it is only for Sadhaks experienced in Yakshini Sadhana


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