Most Powerful Job Getting Yantras

In this post, I have written about two very powerful Yantras for getting a Job or any kind of employment. These Yantras are most suitable for unemployed or underpaid people wishing to get an opportunity to make money to meet their living expenses and make their future bright and prosperous.

Job Getting Yantra for Ram Navami: This Yantra to Find Employment comprising of Devanagari letters and 15 Ka Yantra should be prepared on the Navami Tithi which is the Ninth Day of the Hindu Lunar Month and it falls after every 15 days in both the Dark and Bright Fortnights of the Month. The Day of Ram Navami is considered to be the most auspicious for making this Yantra.

Method of Making and Using this Yantra:
The Yantra should be drawn on a Bhojpatra with the Paste of Ashtagandha using a pointed stick of the Chameli or Jasmine Plant. After making the Yantra, it should be worshiped by lighting Dhoop and Diya in front of the Yantra and then kept on the body. It can be laminated to prevent it from being damaged or kept in a locket and worn around the neck.
Job Getting Yantra for Ram Navami

Job Getting Yantra for Ravi Pushya Yoga: This Yantra should be prepared on the most auspicious Tithi of Ravi Pushya Yoga. The practitioner should make a Paste by mixing Gorochana, Kapur, and Kesar in Gangajal and use a pointed stick of the Jasmine Plant to write it on a Bhojpatra.

The practitioner should put Mishri or Indian Rock Candy in his mouth while making the Yantra. The Name and Address of the Job Aspirant should be written in the box below the Yantra. The Yantra should be worshiped and used in the same way as the First Yantra.
Job Getting Yantra for Ravi Pushya Yoga

Please note that the letter ऽ in the Yantra is not the English letter S, but a Sanskrit or Devanagari letter called Avagraha that is used to make a nasal sound in some words, for example सोऽहं| Soham.

Notes: The methods for making both these Employment Getting Yantras are the methods prescribed by Yantra Shastra or the science of making Yantras. However, if desired the Yantras can be written with red ink on white paper, they will generate energy, if prepared and used with faith and confidence in the supernatural powers of the Yantras. The practitioner should select any of the two Job Getting Charms described in this post.

All information contained in this post is meant to give knowledge about Indian Paranormal Practices and is based upon authentic Hindu Scriptures. However, this site cannot vouch for the sure-shot success of these supernatural remedies. 

The section Money and Wealth Yantras contains many paranormal remedies for finding a job or getting money and wealth.


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