Disease Removing Hanuman Mantra Remedy for Tuesdays

In this post, I have written about a Hanuman Mantra Remedy to remove diseases, sickness, disorders, and lack of strength, courage, and vitality. This Hanuman Mantra Remedy for becoming disease-free will be very effective if it is practiced on a Tuesday.

Hanuman is the Hindu God who personifies strength, bravery, and unimaginable energy. This is one of the reasons why astrologists and a majority of Hanuman-Bhakts identify Hanuman with Mangal Graha or the Planet Mars because in astrology Mangal Graha is associated with strength, dynamism, valour, daring, and all the qualities of a warrior.

This is probably the main reason why Mangalwar or Tuesday is considered an effective and very beneficial day for worshipping Hanuman or chanting a Mantra, Stotra, or Chalisa dedicated to Bhagwan Hanuman. Because worshipping Hanuman on Tuesdays will enhance the above-mentioned qualities in the devotee and make him mentally and physically strong and fearless.

The Hanuman Mantra Upay will also eradicate all negative and harmful energies from the body, home, and surroundings of the practitioner, including the presence of curses, ghosts, evil-eye, and black magic spells. 
Hanuman Mantra to Gain Strength

The procedure for practicing this Hanuman Mantra Remedy is given below:

1] The Decease Removing Mantra Remedy should be practiced on Tuesday morning after bathing. The practitioner should wear red-colored clothes and keep a Vrat or Fast on the day of the Mantra Prayog.

2] The practitioner should light Dhoop / Agarbatti and an oil lamp before a Photograph or idol of Shri Hanuman and chant a small prayer asking for forgiveness for any wrongdoings and seek his blessings for success in the Mantra Experiment for removing diseases and sickness.

3] Then, he should sit down on a red colored sitting mat and chant the Mantra of Mangal Graha given below 108 times using a red colored counting rosary, if he does not have one he can use a Rudraksha Beads Jaap Mala. He can use his fingers or a counting counter if he feels uncomfortable using a counting rosary.

|| ॐ मं मंगलाय नमः ||
|| Om Mam Mangalaaya Namah ||

4] During the Fast Period, the practitioner should have only one meal, which is red in color meaning a meal containing red-colored food.

5] If the practitioner wishes to practice the Disease Removal Mantra Remedy for more than one Tuesday, he should take the Pledge that he will practice it for a pre-decided number of Tuesdays, like 3, 7, or 11 Tuesdays.

The Hindi video of this all diseases removal Mangal Hanuman Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Sarva Rog Aur Beemari Nashak Hanuman Mantra.  

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  1. Sir, I have been staying at my relatives' house and will be staying for the next few months so I will not be able to light dhoop and diya. Can I still do this prayog or do you have any input for me?

    1. The Prayog should be done as described in the post, you can attempt any other Mantra during this period.


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