Ancient Mantra to Protect House and Family

In this post, I have written about a very potent Mantra Remedy using an Ancient Mantra to protect your house and family from every type of evil, harmful, dull, and negative energies, and vibrations.

This is one of the easiest but very powerful paranormal remedies to exorcise every negativity from the house, including ages-old curses, evil-eye, malefic gazes of enemies and hidden enemies, and other unknown and unseen harmful energies and beings, like ghosts-demons, Psychic Attacks and Blackmagic.

The method of practicing this Home Protection Mantra Remedy is so simple and easy that any person can practice it within a few minutes by following the procedure given in this post.

The Mantra Vidhi: 1] The Evil Vibrations Exorcism Mantra Experiment can be practiced on any day in the evening by writing the Five Words Mantra, which is a part of an ancient prayer or Stotra dedicated to Shri Ganesha on a piece of white paper using a red ink pen. The Mantra can be written in Hindi, English of the Mother Tongue of the seeker.
Mantra to Protect House from Ghosts and Spirits

|| नमस्ते रूद्ररूपाय करिरूपाय ते नम: ||
|| Namaste Rudrarupaya Karirupaya Te Namah ||

2] Then, the practitioner should keep the paper in the Mandir or Place of Worship or Altar in his house or if there is no Mandir in the home, then, it can be kept in front of a photo or idol of Shri Ganesha or his Ishta Devta. If desired, the paper can be laminated to keep it safe from damage.

3] After keeping the paper, the practitioner should light Dhoop / Agarbatti and an oil lamp and worship the paper, and seek the blessings of Shri Ganesha and his Ishta Devta.

4] There is no need to chant the Mantra. However, the practitioner can chant it whenever is feels scared or uneasy or senses any unholy presence in his surroundings. If desired, the practitioner can chant the Mantra 7, 11, or 21 times daily in the evening.

Notes: The Hindi video of the House Protection Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Ghar-Parivar Ki Raksha Karne Ka Shaktishali Mantra

All kinds of exorcism remedies can be seen in the section: Exorcism Rituals and Mantras.


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