Most Ancient Mantra to Increase Wealth

In 2012, I had written about a very potent ancient Mantra from the Agni Purana to increase wealth and enjoy every kind of prosperity. The most interesting part about this Puranic Mantra, which has been composed in Sanskrit is that it does not have to be chanted but only written to attract money and every kind of prosperity and abundance.

I have written about this Unique Mantra once again because some wordings had to be corrected and the procedure had to be described in detail so that readers could understand the Mantra Experiment.

The Agni Purana is a very important Hindu Scripture, which was narrated by Agni Devta to Brahmarishi Vashisht, One of the Seven Divine Sages or Saptarishi to explain the nature of the Supreme Being. Brahmarishi Vashisht then narrated the Agni Purana to Ved Vyas, the Compiler of the Vedas. Hence, the Mantras and Prayer originating from the Agni Purana are considered to be the most powerful.

The Vidhi of practicing this Wealth Increasing Mantra Experiment is described below:
1] The Mantra Prayog can be practiced any morning day after bathing and wearing clean clothes. However, Ravi Pushya Yoga or any other auspicious occasion falling on any Sunday or Wednesday is considered to be the best date for practicing this Mantra Prayog.

2] The practitioner should write down the Mantra shown in the image on a Bhojpatra with a pointed wooden or metal stick using the paste of Red Kumkum / Sindoor as the ink. A few drops of water should be added to the Sindoor and mixed to create the ink. The Mantra can also be written on white paper with a red-colored pen. The Mantra can also be written in English if the practitioner is not fluent in English.
Agni Purana Mantra to Increase Money

3] Then, a Tilak / Tikka of Kumkum should be applied on the Bhojpatra or Paper above the Mantra and Dhoop / Agarbatti and Diya should be lit in from of the Bhojpatra or Paper.

4] Then, the practitioner should chant a small prayer, which can be like this “Hey! Deity of this Mantra, Please Bless me and fulfill my wish of attracting Wealth and Abundance”

5] After this, the Bhojpatra or Paper should be kept in the place where money and valuables are kept. The Bhojpatra or Paper can be laminated to prevent it from getting spoilt or torn. If that happens, the practitioner should make another one by following the same Vidhi and immersing the earlier one in flowing water.

Note: You can see the Hindi Video of this Money and Wealth Increasing Mantra on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Dhan Me Prachand Vriddhi Ka Prachin Mantra.

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  1. Guruji, Which Devi or Devta should come to mind while writing this Mantra? Which Diety this Mantra is dedicated to? As shown in Image, can I write the Mantra in English also? No flowing water body is near my house (and definitely near many other readers' house). So how alternatively to dispose off the spoilt or damaged paper? Please advise.

    1. This is a Vedic Mantra Chant and it can be dedicated to the Universe, I have mentioned that the Mantra can be written in English. The other question will arise only when the paper gets damaged, there are canals everywhere, if not then keep it until you fine a water body.

    2. Guruji, thank you so much. All queries solved.


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