Powerful Vishnu Mantras for Physical and Mental Health

In this post, I have written about two very small three words Healing Mantras dedicated to Shri Vishnu for healing every kind of mental or physical disease, sickness, or disorder. These Healing Mantras are most suitable for everyone, especially in these fast-paced times because their practice hardly takes much time or effort.

These small Vishnu mantras can generate tremendous healing vibrations that can heal physical ailments, including fever, pandemics, and other serious diseases. The Mantras are also very effective for healing psychological disorders, like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia personality disorders, sadness, grief and emotional problems, fear, and tension without any cause or reason.

These Shri Vishnu Healing Mantra originate from The Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam Stotram and are derived from Name Numbers 9 and 10: भूतभावन / Bhootabhavana and पूतात्मा / Pootatma.

Healing Mantra Dedicated to Shri Vishnu Bhagwan

Vishnu Mantra for Good Health and Vitality:

ॐ भूतभावनाय नमः ||
Om Bhootabhavanaaya Namah ||

Meaning of this Shri Vishnu Mantra: I Salute Shri Vishnu Bhagwan Who Nourishes and Looks after all Beings in the Universe. / मैं विष्णु भगवान को नमन करता हूँ, जो ब्रह्मांड में हर प्राणी का पोषण करते हैं।

Vishnu Mantra to Heal Mental Diseases:

ॐ पूतात्मने नमः ||
Om Pootatmane Namah ||

Meaning of this Bhagwan Vishnu Mantra: I Salute Lord Vishnu Who is the Purest Energy. / सबसे शुद्ध तत्व वाले विष्णु भगवान को मेरा नमन।

An easy method of chanting these Healing Mantras: The first Vishnu Mantra is very beneficial for removing and getting relief from all kinds of physical diseases and sickness, The second Healing Mantra is very effective in healing every type of mental ailment and disorder.

However, in my opinion, the practitioner should chant both the Healing Mantras to gain all-around physical and mental health and gain energy, strength, stamina, and vigor.

The practitioner should chant each Healing Mantra 31 times after doing Smaran of Bhagwan Vishnu. Any kind of counting rosary or the fingers can be used to count the Mantra Chants.

Notes: The Hindi video of these Vishnu mantras can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Mansik Aur Sharirik Rog Nashak Vishnu Mantra

Please see the sections on Prophet666.com: Health Mantras for all kinds of powerful and unique Healing Spells and Charms.


  1. Can I combine them and chant them together as one mantra in other words I'll do the first mantra completely ending with namaha and then I'll do the second mantra completely ending with namaha


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