Very Potent Shiva Mantras for Beauty and Wishes

In this post, I have described two small but very potent Meditation Mantras of Bhagwan Shiva for attracting radiance, beauty and enhancing your personality, and dissolving every kind of negativity to bring good luck, prosperity, and fulfillment of wishes and desires.

Both these Miracle Shiva Mantras enable the practitioner to concentrate upon the radiant and glowing Form of Lord Shiva and connect with Cosmic Energy. These Mantras are also very beneficial for spiritualists and advanced Sadhaks because they increase the chances of acquiring supernatural and divine powers.
Shiva Mantras to Become Rich and Handsome

Some information about these Shiva Mantras: These Shiva Mantras are derived from the Name-Mantras Number 222 and 223, which have been described in the Sri Shiva Sahasranamavali Stotra. Hence, these are tried and tested Ancient Mantras of Lord Shiva.

ॐ उग्रतेजसे नमः।
Om Ugratejase Namah।

The meaning of this Shiva Mantra: I Salute Lord Shiva Who is as radiant as the Greatest Fire./ महा भयानक अग्नि के तेज के समान शिव भगवान को मेरा नमन।

ॐ महातेजसे नमः।
Om Mahatejase Namah।

The meaning of this Bhagwan Shiva Mantra:
I Salute Bhagwan Shiva Who is like the radiance of the Greatest Light. / महा प्रकाश की चमक जैसे भगवान शिवजी को मेरा नमन।

The Best method of chanting these Shiva Mantras: The practitioner can chant any one or both the Mantras daily for about 5-10 minutes or for 31 Mantra Chants, mentally or verbally after mentally visualizing the Brahmand Roop or Cosmic Avatar of Bhagwan Shiva.

If chanting both the Mantras, the practitioner can chant one Mantra and then the other, and so on. There are no special rules regarding the chanting of these Shiva Mantras and the Mantra chanting can be started on any day.

Notes: The Hindi video of this Lord Shiva Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Shivji Ka Tej Prapt Kar Ke Sarv Iccha Puri Karne Ke Chamatkari Mantra

Ancient Mantras, Yantras, Stotras, and Remedies dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva can be seen in the Section Mantras and Tantra of Shiva.


  1. Hello Neel sir .. Should we follow brahmacharya and abstain from loosing semen during the period of chanting this mantra ? Won't see obtain any benefit from this mantra if we do not practice brahmacharya?


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