Potent Swayam Siddha Shabar Ghost Removing Mantra

In this post, I have described a Potent Swayam Siddha Shabar Ghost Removing Mantra to instantly exorcise an Atrupt Atma or a restless ghost who is never satisfied and other invisible spirits and demons that have penetrated the aura of someone and are affecting his mind and body adversely.

The atmosphere is full of such restless or evil energies, which target weak, sick, and very superstitious people who lack courage and confidence because the aura of these people becomes weak and easily penetrated by these restless spirits who wish to experience his mind and body or to get something done through him.

The Method of Using this Shabar Mantra as an Exorcism Spell: The Shabar Mantra as explained above is a Swayam Siddha Mantra, which does not have to be chanted for a specified number of times to unleash its powers and be able to use it to exorcise someone.

Even though this is a Swayam Siddha Shabar Mantra, it is better to memorize it and be able to chant it effortlessly to make it work as intended in making a ghost disappear from the aura and vicinity of the possessed person.

The practitioner should pick up a fistful of mud from the ground and chant the Shabar Mantra thrice to infuse the mud with the powers of the Shabar Exorcism Mantra. Then, he should throw the mud on the body of the possessed person to make the ghost run away.

|| तह कुष्ठ इलाही का बान कूडूम की पित्ती चिरावत भाग भाग [ नाम ] अंग से भू मारूँ घुनवान कृष्ण वर पूत आज्ञात कामरू कामाख्या हाड़ी दासी चण्डी की दुहाई ||

|| Taha Kusht Ilaahi Ka Baan Koodoom Ki Pitti Chiraavat Bhag Bhag [ Name ] Ang Se Bhoo Maaroo Dhunavaan Krishna Var Poot Aagyaat Kaamroo Kamahkya Hadi Dasi Chandi Ki Duhaee ||

Simple Paranormal Remedy to Remove Evil from the House: This Ritual does not depend upon any Mantra and it can be used to remove evil vibrations, including ghosts and spirits from the house. It is also not connected to the Shabar Exorcism Mantra Ritual described above. 

The Paranormal Remedy should be practiced with confidence on the evening of a Saturday. The practitioner should use Cow Ghee to light all the Diyas in his home and rotate them one by one in a clockwise direction or from right to left over the body of the possessed person.

Then, he should take some cooked rice on a small plate or piece of paper pour a small quantity of milk and sugar on the rice, and make the possessed person touch it him his hands. This rice-milk-sugar mixture should be kept secretly in a Chouraha, which is the meeting point of four roads. While going back to his house the practitioner should not glance back over his shoulders.

Notes: Readers can see the sections Prophet666.com: Exorcism Mantras, Prayers and Rituals, and Paranormal Remedies for more such Mantras and Rituals for getting rid of ghosts and negative energies.


  1. Do you have mantra for mother Santoshi pratyaksha darshan?

    1. There is devotional mantra on the site, pratyaksh darshan, hard to say.


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