Fearsome Fast Working Shabar Mohini Mantra

Some Mohini Mantras for the enchantment of coveted men or woman lovers or for seeking the love of an unresponsive spouse involve Aghori or fearsome techniques to make the love spell work as intended. In this post, I have written about one such Shabar Mohini Mantra Spell that is cast using such techniques to facilitate the fast attraction of the targeted lover.

Readers should note that the information about this rare Shabar Mohini Mantra has only been given for information purposes and not for actual use because its implementation method can be harmful and hence I do not recommend the use of the same.

The Shabar Mohini Mantra Vidhi is as follows: 1] The practitioner should procure the Kaleja or Liver of an Owl and infuse it with the powers of the Mohini Mantra by holding it in the hand and chanting the Mohini Mantra given below 21 times.

Mohini Mantra for Love

|| रही ओल में बसी कुल में कुल का बास ला मेरे पास सात वरण का फूल ला मेरे पास सात सखी को मोह के ला और की मोहिनी छूट जाये मेरी मोहिनी न छूटे हो जा पत्थर की रेख मेरी आन ईश्वर गौरा पार्वती महादेव की दुहाई ||

|| Rahi Ol Mem Basi Kul Mem Kul Ka Baas La Mere Paas Saat Varan Ka Phool La Mere Paas Saat Sakhi Ko Moha Ke La Aur Ki Mohini Chhoot Jaaye Meri Mohini Na Chhoote Ho Jaa Pathar Ki Rekh Meri Aan Ishwar Goura Parvati Mahadev Ki Duhaaee ||

2] This Shabar Mantra Infused Owl Liver should be given to the coveted lover to eat. The Mohini Tantra has not mentioned how it should be given to the wished-for lover to eat, but it appears that it can be mixed with the food of the wished-for lover.

3] The Mohini Mantra is Swayam Siddha and hence it should not be mastered. But, memorizing it is recommended because it will enable the practitioner to chant the Mantra without faltering or in a hesitant manner.

4] The Mohini Tantra says that if the coveted lover consumes the Shabar Mohini Mantra Infused Kaleja, he or she will fall madly in love with the practitioner and do whatever they are told to do. The Tantra also mentions that this is a tried and tested Shabar Love Spell.

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