Most Powerful Sammohan Yantra to Hypnotize Anyone

In this post, I have written about the technique of preparing a Most Powerful Drishti Bandhan or Sammohan Yantra, which is a Charm that has the supernatural power of hypnotizing any person for any purpose, including love or business just by showing him this Magical Yantra.

I have seen the description of this Yantra in an ancient Indian Tantric Text, hence, it can be considered to be an authentic Charm to hypnotize any desired person. This Sammohan Yantra is similar to a Vashikaran, Akarshan, or Mohini Yantra because it enables the practitioner to control the mind of the desired person.

However, I should mention that individual experiences may vary, hence this Yantra should be used cautiously. People having an uncertain and doubtful mindset should refrain from practicing such paranormal experiments.

The technique of practicing this Drishti Bandhan Yantra Prayog is given below:

1] The best time for practicing this Yantra Prayog is midnight of the festival of any of the main days of Diwali when Diyas are lit everywhere. If unable to practice the Yantra Experiment on the night of Deepavali, the practitioner should select any other auspicious Tith, Shubh Yog, or Shubh Nakshatra for practicing this one-time Sammohan Yantra Experiment.

2] The practitioner should go to a Peepal or Sacred Fig Tree before midnight and start writing the Yantra at midnight. The Yantra should be drawn on a thin square copper plate, whose dimensions can be about 3 by 3 inches.

3] A few drops of water should be mixed with Kumkum to make the ink. A small pointed stick of the Kachnar or bauhinia variegata orchid tree should be used to draw the Yantra, which is shown in the image below.

Drishti Bandhan Yantra
4] This Sammohan Yantra should be worshiped by lighting Dhoop/ Agarbatti and a Diya of Cow Ghee and offering of any sweet eatable as the Naivedya. Then, the practitioner should pray to the Deity of the Yantra and the Peeple Tree, which is considered to be dear to many Hindu Gods and Goddesses, including the Goddess Lakshmi and Bhagwan Vishnu.

5] The procedure described above is a one-time procedure for getting Siddhi over the Drishti Bandhan or Sammohan Mantra. Whenever the practitioner wishes to cast a hypnotic spell over any man or woman for any motive, he should draw the same Yantra on the copper plate and show it to the person for hypnotizing him. I have said to draw the same Yantra because after some time the letters of the Yantra will get rubbed away, if they are intact, the same Yantra can be used again and again.

Note: Readers can see the sections Vashikaran and Sammohan Yantras, Vashikaran Mantras and Vashikaran Upay, and Totke for similar Indian Mind Control Spells.


  1. Do you have mantra for protection against firearms.?

    1. Yes, do a site search and you will find Mantras for Protection from Enemy Weapons.

    2. Thanks, I found it. But you have any like paranormal spell to make your skin bullet proof?

    3. There are some spells, will try to post them in the future.


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