Potent Shabar Hanuman Mantra to Protect Self and House

Most people are worried that some harm might come to their homes and possessions, while they are on a journey or have gone to another place for some time. These people are scared that someone might damage their homes or some evil energy or entity could enter the house and possess it or an evil spell-caster or Tantrik might cast a voodoo spell on the house in their absence.

There are still others who are fearful that they could face danger or threats and be harmed while traveling or staying in another place, such as threats from thieves, accidents, and dangers from natural calamities.

The Shabar Hanuman Atma Raksha Mantra described by me in this post has the tremendous supernatural power of giving divine protection to not only the house but even the owners or inmates of the house, while they are traveling or have gone on a holiday or business work to another place. This Shabar Hanuman Mantra is called Ghar Ki Chouki Dene Ka Shabar Hanuman Mantra or Khud Ki Aur Apne Makan Ki Raksha Karne Ka Hanuman Mantra.

The Vidhi of Practicing this Shabar Hanuman Mantra is given Below: The practitioner should chant the Mantra after visualizing the Brahmand Roop or Cosmic Form of Hanuman and chant the Mantra 108 times before departing from his house for a journey or a short stay in another place. Any preferred counting rosary or even a counting counter or the fingers can be used for this Mantra Prayog.

Potent Shabar Hanuman Atma Raksha Mantra

|| आस राखों पास राखों दस राखो दरवाजे, हनुमान की चौकी राजा रामचन्द्र की रखवाली मेरी आन मेरे गुरु की आन ईश्वर गौरा पार्वती महादेव की दुहाई।।

|| Aas Raakhom Paas Raakhom Dus Raakho Darwaze, Hanuman Ki Chouki Raja Ramchandra Ki Rakhavaali Meri Aan Mere Guru Ki Aan Ishwar Goura Parvati Mahadev Ki Duhaee ||

This Shabar Hanuman Mantra gives divine protection to both the house and the residents, while they are away. One very important thing to note is that the Shabar Mantra should not be chanted again outside the house because doing so will remove the Raksha Kavach or Protective Shield from the House and the Residents of the Home.

This is a Most Powerful One-time Hanuman Suraksha Kavach Shabar Mantra for total protection of the self and the house. Hence, it should be chanted with complete faith in the miraculous powers of the Mantra.

The Hindi video of this Hanuman Protection Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Hanuman Raksha Kavach Mantra   

Notes: Readers can see all kinds of Shabar, Vedic, and Tantric Mantra for getting divine protection in the sections: Prophet666.com: Hanuman Mantras and Yantras and Atma Raksha Mantras.


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