Powerful Vashikaran Mantra Described By Mahadeva

In this post, I have written about the method of getting Siddhi and the procedure of using a Most Powerful Vashikaran Mantra that according to the Vashikaran Tantra has been described by none other than Mahadeva; the God of Gods.

This is a famous and popular Vashikaran Mantra and there are more than one variants of this Mantra, some of which have been described earlier on this site. In this post, I have described two Vashikaran Experiments using this Vashikaran Mantra that can be used to cast an unbreakable and most potent occult enchantment spell on any targeted person.

Siddhi Sadhana for this Vashikaran Mantra: The Mantra will work only if it is chanted 7800 times in one go and not otherwise. The practitioner should use a Rudraksha Beads Counting Mala and keep chanting the Mantra given below with concentration. Small gaps for essential chores are allowed and long gaps should not be taken.

Powerful Ancient Vashikaran Mantra

|| ॐ नमो आदिपुरुषाय अमुक आकर्षणं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ||
|| Om Namo Adipurushaya Amuk Akarshanam Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

Vashikaran Experiments with this Vashikaran Mantra: 1] The Vashikaran Mantra should be written on a Bhojpatra with the ink prepared using a mixture of Gorochana and the leaves of Black Datura called devil's weed or jimsonweed using a pointed twig of the Safeed Kaner or Nerium oleander. The name of the desired person should be written in place of the word “Amuk” in the Mantra.

The ink should be prepared by crushing the leaves of the Black Datura and Gorochana together to make a fine paste.

Then, the Bhojpatra should be heated on a fire prepared using the twigs of the Khair Tree or Senegalia catechu in English. The Vashikaran Tantra states that none other than the God of All Gods Mahadeva has said that the desired person will become attracted even if he is present 400 Kos or 1200 kilometers away. Kos is an ancient Indian Unit to measure distance and One Kos equals about 3 kilometers.

2] The Vashikaran Mantra along with the name of the desired person in place of "Amuk" should be written on a Bhojpatra with the blood of the Anamika Ungli or Ring Finger and kept dipped in Honey. This makes the targeted person come instantly under the Vashikaran Love Spell of the practitioner. The Vashikaran Tantra states that this is a very rare Vashikaran Experiments even for Gods and hence it should be used with the utmost caution to cast an attraction spell on a human being.

Note: The sections Prophet666.com: Mantra for Attraction and Vashikaran, Vashikaran Yantras, and Vashikaran Upay contain many more such Voodoo Spells and Mantras.


  1. While chanting above mantra can I use name of the person at the place of amuk ???

    1. No, only write the name while practicing the experiments

  2. Can this mantra be used to attract everyone? Become the center of attraction?

    1. It can be practiced to attract specific persons and not all persons.


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