Powerful Shabar Dhool Mohini Mantra

In this post, I have written about a Powerful Shabar Dhool Mohini Mantra, which uses Dhool or Mud / Dust from the ground to cast a very strong and long-lasting Love Spell on a coveted lover for controlling and managing him or her and becoming enthralled by the personality of the spell-caster and fall in love with him.

There is more than one variation of this Shabar Mohini-Vashikaran Mantra and some Vashikaran Love Spells using different techniques, including infusion of mud are practiced using the variations of this Mohini Mantra. This Mohini Mantra is said to be a working love spell that will give very good results if it is practiced with sincerity and belief in the immense power of the Mohini Mantra. 

Siddhi Sadhana for Using the Vashikaran By Dhool Mantra:
This Shabar Mohini Mantra does not have any Siddhi Sadhana connected to it and it can be said to be a Swayam Siddha Mohini Mantra. However, it is essential to memorize the Mohini Mantra so that it can be easily remembered whenever the practitioner wishes to use it to entice any person under his love spell.

Mohini Mantra Using Dust

|| सोहनी मोहनी दोऊ बहनी अगली छोड़ पिछली को धावे ठग मोहे ठाकुर मोहे मोहे पूरे पनिहार राजा मोहे दरबार मोहे पाँय पड़ी जंजीर, यह त्रिया हमें मोहें दुहाई वीर मसान की आन कामरू कामाक्षा देवी की ||

|| Sohani Mohani Dou Bahani Agali Chhod Pichhali Ko Dhaave Thag Mohe Thakur Mohe Mohe Poore Panihaar Raja Mohe Darbar Mohe Paamya Padi Janjir, Yah Triyaa Hamem Mohem Duhaaee Veer Masaan Ki Aan Kaamroo Kamakshya Devi Ki ||

The procedure of using the Mohini Mantra to Captivate the Attention of a Coveted Lover:
1] The practitioner should secretly pick up the mud from under the left foot of the desired lover meaning the mud from the spot where the foot-print of the left foot of the desired man or woman are visible.

2] This mud should be mixed with an equal quantity of Shamshan Bhumi Ki Rakh, meaning the ash from the funeral pyre of a dead person.

3] Then, the practitioner should infuse the mud-ash mixture with the potency of the Shabar Mohini Mantra and secretly sprinkle it on the head of the coveted lover. A pinch of the mud-ash mixture is sufficient for this Shabar Vashikaran Experiment. It is a single-use Mohini Mantra Upay that can be repeated using the same mixture if success is not gained at the first attempt. 

Notes: This can be classified as a Tamsik or Fearsome Shabar Mohini Mantra Prayog because it makes use of Shamshan Bhumi Ki Rakh, which is a Tamsik Ingredient. Hence, the Mohini Tantra advises extreme caution, while using this Mantra whose power should not be misused or used just for fun or to see what happens because this will make the practitioner repent. The Mohini Mantra should be used only for getting the love of someone whom the practitioner loves dearly and who is suitable for him. 

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