Harmful Energies Protection Yantra

In this post, I have described a very potent self-protection Charm or Atma Raksha Yantra to protect yourselves from all kinds of harmful negative energies, vibrations, and entities, including Voodoo Black-magic Spells, Vashikaran, Subjection Spells, Harmful Tantric Kriya, Psychic Attacks, Evil-Gaze, Curses, Ghosts-Demons-Spirits.

As mentioned in many earlier posts, during this most dangerous Age of the Kaliyuga or The Age of Darkness most of the energies and vibrations circulating in the atmosphere are dark, harmful, dull, and negative. This is the main reason why the World is going through this most dangerous period of pandemics and wars. This is only the tip of the iceberg there is still more to come in the near future. Hence, most people need some or the other kind of powerful divine or supernatural protection to safeguard themselves from these dangerous energies. 

The Yantra can be used to either prevent negative energies from entering your aura and harming you or to instantly exorcise the evil energies, which have entered your aura and are harming you. There are two ways to make this Protection Charm, I have described both these methods in this post.

To Prevent Malefic Energies from causing Harm: The Yantra should be made on plain white paper using Kesar or Saffron Paste as the ink and a pointed wooden stick as the pen. A few drops of water or milk can be mixed with the Saffron to make the ink.
Harmful Energies Protection Yantra

After making the Yantra it should be energized by lighting Loban Dhoop or Benzoin Resin Incense in front of it and praying to your Ishta Devta or Favored Deity.

Then, it should be folded and placed in a Metal Locket or a Locket made using waterproof cloth and worn around the neck.

To Exorcise all Negative Energies that have entered the Aura: The Yantra should be written using a paste of the mud taken from a Hindu Smashan Bhumi, Christain Graveyard, or Islamic Kabrastan as the ink and a pointed wooden stick as the pen. A few drops of water can be mixed with the ink to make the paste.

Then, the practitioner should light Lobaan Dhoop in front of it and pray to his Ishta Devta and place the Yantra in a locket made from yellow colored cloth and wear it on his upper right arm.

Notes: The Numbers can be written in any script and there is no fixed order of writing the Number in the 16 squares of the numerical Yantra.

A vast compilation of self-protection and exorcism spells, Mantras, Yantras, and Rituals can be seen in the Sections: Prophet666.com: Exorcism Mantras and Tantra and Prophet666.com: Self-Protection Mantras and Remedies.


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