Powerful Yantra For Success in Life

In this post, I have described a Powerful Yantra that can be used in two unique ways to fulfill wishes and desires or to get some other person to fulfill them. This is a very beneficial Yantra for attracting good luck and success in life.

The first method of using the Yantra to fulfill all wishes and desires:
1] The Yantra should be written on white paper using the Juice of a Rose [ Gulab Ka Ras ], the practitioner can use any colored rose for this purpose, a pointed wooden stick should be used as the pen for writing the Yantra on the paper.

 Powerful Yantra For Success in Anything

2] Then, the practitioner should keep the Yantra on a wooden board and light incense and an oil lamp in front of the Yantra and then seek the blessings of his Favored Deity and keep it on his body. The Yantra can be laminated and kept in the pocket, purse, or wallet.

The second method of using the Yantra to make others fulfill your wishes: 1] The Yantra should be written on white paper using the Rakt Chandana or Red Sandalwood Paste as the ink and a small pointed wooden stick as the pen.

2] The practitioner should place the Yantra on a wooden board and light Ashwagandha Dhoop or Indian Ginseng Incense and an oil lamp before the Yantra and worship his Favored Deity and then keep the Yantra in a clean place.

3] Whenever the practitioner wants some favor from any person or wishes to get some work done by anyone, he has to give the Yantra to that person to read. When the targeted person reads the Yantra he comes become amicable and friendly and acts as per the desire of the practitioner.

Simple Rule for both these methods: The Yantras can be made in the morning after bathing and wearing fresh clothes. Special prayers, other than what is mentioned in the post are not necessary. The practitioner can make any one or both of the Yantras described above. The numbers can be written in any order, in any language.

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