Most Powerful Yantra-Mantra for Fast Marriage of Women

In this post, I have written about a very potent Yantra and Mantra Sadhana for the benefit of women who wish to get married quickly, This Kanya Ka Shighra Vivah Hetu Prayog is suitable for both love and arranged marriages and it will resolve all issues, including delays, obstacles, and opposition.

The procedure for making and using this Yantra for Quick Marriage of Girls is as follows:

1] The Yantra can be prepared on any day after bathing and wearing yellow colored clothes and lighting incense and an oil lamp in your Puja-Place or before the photo of your Ishta Devta or favored deity. The practitioner should also chant a small prayer for getting success in the Yantra Sadhana.

2] The Yantra should be prepared on a Yellow Colored Piece of Paper with Kesar Ki Syahi or Paste of Saffron, which should be prepared by adding a couple of drops of water or Milk to the Saffron and mixing it to make the ink. A pointed wooden stick should be used to write the Yantra on the yellow paper. The title of the Yantra shown in the image should not be written, it has only been written for the sake of convenience of readers.

Yantra and Mantra for Fast Marriage of Girls

3] The, practitioner should then keep the Yantra in from of herself and sit down comfortably on a sitting mat and chant the Mantra given below for 6 Malas or 648 Mantra Chants, using any kind of counting rosary or counting counter.

|| पं लं दं ॐ क्लीं ह्रीं ||
|| Pam Lam Dam Om Kleem Hreem ||

4] This Mahila Shaadi Hetu Yantra – Mantra Sadhana should be done for 63 days, except the days of the Monthly Cycle, when the Sadhana should be stopped and continued after the conclusion of the periods.

5] After the completion of the 63 days Mantra Sadhana, the practitioner should fold the Yantra and insert it in a cloth or metal locket and wear it on the right upper arm, The Mantra should also be written on a yellow piece of paper using Saffron ink and inserted in the locket along with the Yantra.

6] After the practitioner gets married, she should go to the temple of Parvati Mata and place the locket at the feet of the Goddess.

7] The Yantra and Mantra are composed of powerful Beej Mantras and numbers that attract powerful frequencies, which will facilitate the marriage of the aspirant. 

Notes: All information given in this post is based upon authentic Hindu Religious Scriptures and has been given to share interesting information on Indian Paranormal Practices and not to induce any person to practice the same.

All kinds of Shabar and Vedic Mantras, Yantras, and Remedies for getting married or resolving problems connected to married life can be seen in Section Prophet666,com: Mantras for Marriage.


  1. Mr. Neel, I have an unusual question that I cannot ask anyone in daily life. As a gay boy, how can I seduce a straight boy with mantra? I have attracted a straight boy with vashikaran mantras from your site, but how do I get him to be interested in me? witch mantra has that power?

    1. If you had success with a Vashikaran Mantra, then the Mantra worked for you, you can try the same Mantra again.


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