Powerful Beej Mantra to Face Enemies Courageously

The small Beej Mantra combination described by me in this post has the power to remove every fear of enemies and dangerous foes and rivals from the mind of the practitioner and at the same time make him face the enemy fearlessly with confidence and courage and defeat him in any physical, verbal or psychological conflict.

This small Beej Mantra can prove to be a boon for those people who have a psychological fear of enemies and foes or those who are lacking the courage and confidence to stand up to those who are unnecessarily harassing them or causing problems for them.
Beej Mantra to face enemy without fear

|| ॐ ऐं सूं नमः ||
|| Om Aim Soom Namah ||

Best way to chant this Beej Mantra: The procedure of chanting this Mantra is very flexible and it can be chanted whenever an emergency relating to enemies arises. If living under a chronic fear of possible attacks or dangers by enemies, chanting this Mantra for 5-10 or more minutes daily will remove all fear from the mind and make the practitioner fearless and courageous, which will make him easily confront and defeat his enemies. The Mantra will start generating full power and energy after the completion of 125, 000 Mantra Chants. 

There are no rules or rituals connected to this Mantra and it is said to work quickly and effectively. However, please remember that confidence and faith is the key to success in this or any other Mantra, otherwise, it will be simply a meaningless exercise.

The Hindi video of this Beej Mantra to fight an enemy fearlessly and destroy him can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Shatru Ka Bhay Man Me Se Nikalne Ka Beej Mantra

Notes: Information about this magical enemy annihilation Mantra Chant has only been given for the purpose of sharing Hindu Tantric Practices and not to advocate the practiise of the same.

All kinds of Mantras, Charms, and Spells to remove any kind of problems and dangers connected to enemies and dangerous rivals can be seen in the Section Prophet666.com: Supernatural Remedies to resolve Enemy Problems.


  1. सूं किसका बीज मंत्र है। यह मंत्र किस देवता को समर्पित है।


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