Good Fortune Yantra for Business or Shop

In this post, I have written about a very potent Good Luck and Fortune Attracting Yantra for business success and complete prosperity. This simple and easy-to-make-and-use Saubhagya Prapti Upay or Remedy for Good Fortune will instantly start attracting customers, money, and wealth into the business and make it flourish.

The method of making and using this Prosperity Charm is given below: 1] The Yantra should be written on white paper with Kesar or Saffron ink, which can be prepared by adding a few drops of water or pure unboiled milk to the Saffron. A small pointed object can be used to write the Yantra. It can also be drawn using red-colored ink, however, Saffron ink is preferable.
Good Luck Yantra for Business or Shop Success

2] The practitioner should light incense and an oil lamp in front of the Yantra and take blessings of his Ishta Devta or favorite god or goddess and then nicely fold and keep the Yantra in a silver locket and hang the locket on the wall behind his seat or keep in in the cash counter or under his seat. The Yantra can be kept in any one of these three places.

3] It can also be laminated and used, however, keeping it inside a silver locket is more effective. The practitioner should always keep the locket clean and never keep his shoes, sandals, or any cleaning object, like a mop or broom near the Yantra. The practtioner should rotate an Agarbatti or incense stick  in front of the Yantra daily for a few seconds. 

4] If you are doing your business from your residence, then, you can also keep the Yantra in any of these three places inside your home.

5] The practitioner should bathe and wear clean clothes before making the Yantra, specific rules and prayers and not necessary for making and using this Good Fortune Attracting Yantra, which starts working instantly because it has been composed using unique numbers, which vibrate to a specific frequency. The numbers can be written in any script, including Hindi.

Notes: This Yantra has been described in authentic and reliable texts on Yantra Shastra.

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