Ram Mantra for Money, Brains and Attraction

Lord Rama has himself said that “ Ram Se Bada Ram Ka Naam” or Ram’s Name is bigger than Ram. This signifies the immense unimaginable energy that can be harnessed by chanting Ram Naam, which is the most powerful standalone Mantra that can make the impossible possible.

Ram Mantra can be utilized for rapid success in achieving specific motives or fulfilling desired wishes, like gain of money and wealth, intelligence, increasing Vashikaran Shakti or attraction powers, destruction of enemies, and evil energies.

These small but most potent Ram Mantras have been described in the ancient Hindu religious scripture, The Rama Rahasya Upanishad. In past articles, I have described some of the Ram Mantras that are contained in this great text.

Ram Mantras for Fast Wealth and Mind Power

In this post, I have described a very simple and easy but most potent method of using the power of the Ram Mantra to gain immense wealth and prosperity, increase mind and brain power and become a desirable and enchanting person. This method is very beneficial for every person, including experienced Sadhaks and Laypersons.

Ram Mantras for Fast Money and Wealth: These three Ram Mantras can quickly fulfill wishes and desires connected to the gain of money, wealth, property, and prosperity. These small Ram Mantras are composed using the most powerful Shreem Beej Mantra of the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity Lakshmi Devi.

The practitioner can select any of the three Ram Mantras given below, take a pledge, seek Shri Ram's blessings, and chant any one of these three Mantras 21, 51, 108 times or more depending upon his wishes. He can also chant the Ram Mantra for a pre-determined number of days, like 30, 40, or more days.

|| श्रीं राम ||
|| Shreem Ram ||

|| श्रीं रामाय नमः ||
|| Shreem Ramaya Namah ||

|| श्रीं राम चन्द्र श्रीं ||
|| Shreem Ram Chandra Shreem ||

Ram Mantra for a gain of Brain Powers and Intelligence: The practitioner can replace the Shreem Beej in the above Ram Mantras with the Saraswati Beej Mantra Aim-ऐं and chant the Mantra in the same manner described above. This Ram Mantra is very beneficial in increasing the capacity of the brain, improving memory power and making the mind fresh and vibrant, and making it very powerful,

This Ram Mantra can be very useful for students, scholars, researchers, and anyone who wants to progress in education and spiritualism.

Ram Mantra for increasing Vashikaran Shakti: The practitioner should use the Akarshan, Kaam, or Krishna Beej Mantra Kleem-क्लीं and chant the selected Mantra in the same manner. This will increase the attraction powers and vitality of the practitioner and make other people become attracted to him. The practitioner will also appear seductive, hypnotic, and desirable to his spouse or lover or desired lover.

Notes: The Hindi video of the First Ram Mantra for Fast Gain of Money and Wealth can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Turant Dhan Aur Paisa Pane Ke Ram Mantra

Rare and Authentic Ram Mantras can be seen in the Section Prophet666.com: Mantras of Lord Vishnu. 


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