Ancient Shabar Mantras for Exorcism and Stopping Enemies

In this post, I have described two Svyam Siddh Shabar Mantras that can be used to instantly exorcise even the most powerful and obstinate negative energies, like evil-eye, curses, Tantrik experiments, ghosts, spirits, and other invisible beings and to infects, enemies, and rivals with powerful negative energies to immediately stop problems caused by them.

Shabar Mantra to Exorcise Negative Energies: This is Svyam Siddh Shabar Mantra and hence it does not need to be Siddh for actually practicing it to exorcise any kind of malefic energies.

The procedure of practicing this Shabar Mantra is very simple, the practitioner should chant the Mantra only 7 times and then blow his breath over his palms and then move his palms lightly over his face and body. If the practitioner is practicing this Mantra on any other person, then he should chant the Shabar Mantra 7 times and blow his breath on the body of that possessed person.

कल-कल कालिका देवी करे | जिहाँ पठोवा, तिहाँ जावे | छाती बैठ, करेजा खावे | रक्त के कुल कुल्ला करवे | बैरी के अवरदा ला | खण्डित करके आवे | जब पारवती के पुजा पावे | जब पारवती के सच्चा कालिका देवी कहावे |

Kal-Kal Kalika Devi Kare | Jihaan Pathovaa, Tihaan Jaave | Chhati Baith, Kareja Khaave | Rakt Ke Kul Kullaa Karve | Bairi Ke Aavaradaa Laa | Khandit Karke Aave | Jab Paarvati Ke Puja Paave | Jab Paarvati Ke Sachcha Kalikaa Devi Kahaave |

The Hindi language video of the Shabar Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Kisi Bhi Prakar Ke Nakaratmak Shakti to Turant Nikalne Ka Shabar Mantra
Ancient Shabar Mantras for Exorcism

Shabar Mantra to cast a Blackmagic Spell on Enemies: This is also a Svyam Siddh Shabar Mantra that can be practiced without having to practice any kind of Siddhi Sadhana.

The procedure of practicing this Shabar Mantra is very simple and the practitioner should take a few grains of Sabut Kale Urad or Black Gram Lentils in English in his right and then chant the Shabar Mantra just three times to infuse the Black Gram Lentils with the power of the Shabar Mantra.

अहो बहिनी, काय साग खाए | कैथ ला, चल कोला में झूँपबो गूँह के दिया | रक्त के तेल उल्ट, सौ बान मार दे | चल मूठ चल, फलाने फलानी की छाती पर चल।

Aho Bahini, Kaay Saag Khaay | Kaith Laa, Chal Kolaa Mem Jhoompbo Goomha Ke Diya | Rakt Ke Tel Ult, Sou Baan Maar De | Chal Mooth Chal, Falaane-Falaani Ki Chhati Par Chal |

Then, the practitioner should secretly throw these Shabar Mantra Iinfused Urad Grains on the body of the enemy or rival who he wishes to target with Kala Jadu Tona. A word of caution, this Shabar Mantra should only be practiced when there are no other options left and that only to save yourself or your loved ones from cruel and dangerous enemies.

You can watch the language video of this Ancient Shabar Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Dushman Par Mooth Chalane Ka Chamatkari Shabar Mantra

Note All kinds of exorcism remedies, Mantras, Yantras, Stotras, and Prarthanas can be seen in the section: Exorcism Mantras and Rituals


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