Raja Yoga is also called the science of mental excellence. It consists of three main stages, Concentration, Meditation and Contemplation. The system of Raja Yoga tells us how these three stages can be achieved through correct practice. The individual is in yogic science the centre of the universe, and he is in procession of all possible powers. The individual can if he knows the extent of his powers create his own fate and destiny.

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The main Yogic teachings are about the inherent powers present in you –
1. You are the one who is responsible for what you were in the past, what you are in the present and what you will be in the future.
2. You are the equal of anyone who was born and will be born.
3. The physical and mental powers are not unique, they are present in everyone, the only thing is that these powers have to be developed and increased.
4. The very success and fulfillment of your wishes and desires, depends upon your own actions, thoughts, and nothing else.
5. Everyone can change himself, nothing is permanent and unchangeable.
These are the very basic teachings of Raja Yoga, which one has to fully understand and believe in, and then only success will come to you. Raja yoga is also called the "king among Yogas": which is the literal meaning of the phrase Raja Yoga. It is the yoga of clean your KARMA, create new karma and achieve enlightenment
Raja Yoga is also called Ashtanga Yoga and eight stages are also suggested for proper practice.
Yama– code of conduct, self-restraint
Niyama – proper observance to whatever you do weather study or practice of any kind.
Āsana – union of the mind and body through proper physical exercises.
Pranayama –union of the mind and body, through proper breathing.
Pratyahara –non-identification with the senses of perception, and attachment to objects.
Dharana – concentration
Samādhi– super conscious state.

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