For the practitioners of Yoga and meditation in western countries this is the recommended diet, the principles are the same as in PROPER DIET FOR YOGA AND MEDITATION-INDIAN

Breakfast-7 to 9 am
1. Any fruit juice, like Orange or Vegetable juice---1/2 glass
2. Any fresh sweet fruit which is easily digestible like fresh sweet apple, peaches, pears, grapes, papaya---1
3. Toast, wheat bread or muffins with butter, or oat-meal or corn-meal with butter---1or 2 slices
4. Scrambled, medium boiled or poached egg---1
5. Health drink with milk and sugar or herbal tea or coffee or tea-----1 cup if required

Lunch-12 to 2 pm
1.Salad preferably made up of three or more vegetables like tomato, cucumber, lettuce, celery, carrot, beets, water, cress, onions etc.taken with salad dressing, vinegar oil dressing or cottage cheese as per taste
2. Soup vegetable or split peas, barley or bean soup
3. Rice or wheat or corn bread
4. Stew of any kind of fresh green vegetable
5. Spinach or broccoli
6. Custard or melon, or fresh berries as Dessert

Afternoon snack 3 to 5 pm
1. Any fresh fruit
2. Salted biscuits with cheese or cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios or pecans
3. Health drink with milk and sugar or herbal tea, coffee or tea ---1 cup if required

Dinner—7—to 9 pm
1. Mixed salad with salad dressing or Cole slaw
2. Vegetable soup or broth
3. Wheat bread
4. Baked potato
5. Broiled fish, sea food or liver
6. Steamed or stewed green vegetables
7. Custard, melon or fruit cup as Dessert


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