The pains and travails of childbirth can easily be minimized and controlled by the means of SELF HYPNOSIS .Research has indicated that the mind of an expectant mother is more receptive and open to suggestions, than the minds of those women not expecting. During labor hours near about the time of Delivery, the anesthetic value of hypnosis has been proved. In ancient times in India and Egypt, the use of hypnosis was very much prevalent to minimize the pains of childbirth. Hypnosis as anesthesia was also used by Mesmer and other magnetize rs with a great deal of success during midwifery.

Hypnosis Childbirth
The use of hypnosis and AUTO SUGGESTION IN SELF HYPNOSIS, as an agent of general well being, for both the mother and the newborn child are well recognized. As a means of insensibility to physical pain during childbirth, hypnosis is the safest of all pain relievers. This is all the more desirable because along with the mother the life of the upcoming child is also involved. Hypnotic anesthesia like the drug anesthesia does not harm the mother and child. Most chemical substances used as anesthesia have the tendency to adversely affect the oxygen supply to the child; therefore, the child may have difficulty in breathing after being delivered.

In hypnosis therapeutic suggestions, work wonders. THE POWER OF SUGGESTION, if used correctly can work wonders, and cure such diseases for which there seems to be no cure.

The most important and vital thing to remember if you are going to use autosuggestion hypnosis or self hypnosis, as an alternative to the use of drugs is faith, because without faith in either yourself or if you take the help of an operator, faith in the operator success is not possible. The very foundation of self-hypnosis, hypnosis or autosuggestions lies in faith and belief.

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