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Gayatri Aarti English-Hindi

Gayatri Devi is worshipped in Hinduism as the trimurti or the combination of all the three aspects of creation. Gayatri Devi is also said to be the manifestation of the holiest mantra in Hinduism the Gayatri mantra.

Gayarti is said to be the shinning brilliance of creation. She is also said to be the mother of all the gods and goddesses,

Gayatri is portrayed as having five heads, which are seen as covering all the aspects of creation, including the past, the present and the future.

The worship of Gayatri including the recitation of the Gayatri Aarti is said to bestow on the worshipper the radiance and brilliance which includes the spiritual and the material want of existence. Those wanting to acquire all round contentment in life free from worries are advised to worship Gayatri,as this will bring all round radiance in to their lives.

Gayatri Aarti
गायत्री आरती हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश 
Gayatri Aarti Hindi and English Text

Gayatri Aarti
English Translation
Jayati Jay Gaayatri Maata Jayati Jay Gaayatri Maata l
Sat Marag Par Hamen Chalaao Jo Hai Sukhdata ll
Aadi Shakti Tum Alakh Niranjan Jag Paalan Kartri l
Duhkh Shoka Bhay Klesh Kalah Daaridrya Dainya Hartri ll
Brahm Roopini Pranat Paalini Jagad Dhaatr Ambe l
Bhav Bhay Haari Jan Hitkaari Sukhad Jagadambe ll
Bhay Haarini Bhav Taarini Anaghe Aj Aanand Raashi l
Avikaari Aghaari Avichalit Amale Avinaashi ll
Kaamdhenu Sat Chit Ananda Jay Ganga Geeta l
Savitaa Ki Shaashwati Shakti Tum Saavitri Sitaa ll
Rig Yaju Saam Atharv Pranayini Pranav Maha Mahime l
Kundalini Sahastraar Sushumna Shobha Gun Garime ll
Swaaha Swadha Shachee Brahmaani Raadha Rudraani l
Jay Sat Roopa Vaanee Vidya Kamla Kalyaani ll
Janani Ham Hain Deen Heen Duhkh Daarid Ke Ghere l
Jadapi Kutil Kapatee Kapoot Tau Baalak Hain Tere ll
Sneh Sanee Karuna May Maata Charan Sharan Leejai l
Bilakh Rahe Ham Shishu Sut Tere Daya Drashti Kijai ll
Kaam Krodh Mad Lobh Dambh Durbhaav Dwesh Hariye l
Shuddhi Buddhi Nishpaap Hraday Man Ko Pavitra Kariye ll
Tum Samarth Sab Bhaanti Taarini Tushti Pushti Traata l
Sat Marag Par Hamen Chalao Jo Hai Sukhdata ll

गायत्री आरती
जय गायत्री माता, जयति जय गायत्री माता।
सत् मारग पर हमें चलाओ, जो है सुखदाता॥
आदि शक्ति तुम अलख निरंजन जग पालन कर्त्री।
दुःख, शोक, भय, क्लेश, कलह दारिद्रय दैन्य हर्त्री॥
ब्रहृ रुपिणी, प्रणत पालिनी, जगतधातृ अम्बे।
भवभयहारी, जनहितकारी, सुखदा जगदम्बे॥
भयहारिणि भवतारिणि अनघे, अज आनन्द राशी।
अविकारी, अघहरी, अविचलित, अमले, अविनाशी॥
कामधेनु सत् चित् आनन्दा, जय गंगा गीता।
सविता की शाश्वती शक्ति, तुम सावित्री सीता॥
ऋग्, यजु, साम, अर्थव, प्रणयिनी, प्रणव महामहिमे।
कुण्डलिनी सहस्त्रार, सुषुम्ना, शोभा गुण गरिमे॥
स्वाहा, स्वधा, शची, ब्रहाणी, राधा, रुद्राणी।
जय सतरुपा, वाणी, विघा, कमला, कल्याणी॥
जननी हम है दीन, हीन, दुःख, दारिद के घेरे।
यदपि कुटिल, कपटी कपूत, तऊ बालक है तेरे॥
स्नेहसनी करुणामयि माता, चरण शरण दीजै।
बिलख रहे हम शिशु सुत तेरे, दया दृष्टि कीजै॥
काम, क्रोध, मद, लोभ, दम्भ, दुर्भाव, द्घेष हरिये।
शुद्घ बुद्धि, निष्पाप हृदय, मन को पवित्र करिये॥
तुम समर्थ सब भाँति तारिणी, तुष्टि, पुष्टि त्राता।
सत् मारग पर हमें चलाओ, जो है सुखदाता॥

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