What causes natural disasters

It is a common tendency to blame natural disasters like earthquakes, volcano's and flooding on the supernatural and the unknown, as Gods wrath on mankind. Natural disasters have been predicted in various religious texts including the bible, the Hindu texts and also by prophets like Nostradamus.

However a very small number of people think deeply in an unbiased manner on what really causes natural disasters. The countdown towards 21 December 2012 has already started, and everyone seems to be waiting expectantly for this much awaited date. I have already stated before that 21 December 2012 is not going to be the end. However the frequency of natural disaster is going to increase in frequency as well as the magnitude of the disaster.

Apocalypse or by what ever name you wish to call it be is being triggered by not the supernatural, but by mankind itself. You will know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every action triggers off a chain reaction, what type of chain reaction is triggered off depends upon the quality of the action .A good or positive action will trigger off a positive reaction, likewise a destructive action is sure to trigger off a destructive reaction.

Deforestation is probably the most destruction action engaged in by man. It is estimated that 70% of the total rain forests on earth were destroyed in the last century, and at this rate rain forests will disappear totally and will only be visible in highly protected reserves.

The continuing destruction of rain forests has triggered off and will in the future trigger off severe destructive chain reactions like the Green house effect the intensity of which will increase, flooding and destruction of fertile soil, the melting of Glaciers and ice caps, heavy rainfall, extinction of plant and animal life, increase in the temperature of the earth and numerous other side effects.

Another destructive action is unabated mining, while mining is essential, what is going on is the looting of the natural components which make up the earth. This has ensured that the composition of the earth has weakened considerably.The foundation has weakened considerably and caused imbalance to set in.

Mass industrialisation and its side effects like the release of harmful chemical and gasses in the atmosphere of the earth and also in the water resources is also an equally dangerous action which is increasing in magnitude day by day. The polluted atmosphere of the earth of which little is known will give rise to new deceases, viruses and plagues. There will be strong mutations in the existing viruses and mass destruction of life is unavoidable in the future.

The testing and inventions of weapons of mass destruction like nuclear. biological and chemical weapons is probably the most destructive action undertaken by the human race, This destructive pursuit will trigger an equal and opposite destructive chain reaction which will lead mankind rapidly towards the impending world climax.

The vested interests engaged in these destructive pursuits are those who are the rulers of the world today. The politicians and statesmen are nothing but the extensions of these vested interests. Other than cosmetic steps aimed at hoodwinking the public nothing else is done today and the same is expected tomorrow.

As of today these destructive activates are continuing unabated and increasing in intensity and magnitude day by day. The culmination of all these destructive pursuits does not require a prophet to forecast what the future is going to like tomorrow. The prophets of yesteryear's foresaw the future thousands of years back in time. But today anyone applying a little bit of logic can see what the future holds for him.

The world is not going to end and disappear suddenly on 21 December 2012 by some heavenly design of God, but a accumulation of the various destructive actions has ensured the countdown has started. This will ensure that there will be immense destruction and the geography of the world will change, and it will not be the same world in which we live today.

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  1. I bear witness that there is no God but God. And do not know the end of the world, but of God. And even the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him did not know that. God is great. Later belief of Islam


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