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Let us first see how the prophesy regarding Kalki Avatar first originated, the first reference is found in the Vishnu Purana-IV-24—
The universal being who is the beginning and end of all things and who lives in everything and in whom everything live will descend on earth when the way of life taught in the Vedas will collapse completely, he will reincarnate himself in a Brahmin's family in the village of Shambhala, he will be endowed with all the eight heavenly powers. He will by his sheer might destroy the corrupted rulers of the Kali Yuga and establish the rule of righteousness on earth this event will take place when the sun, moon, Jupiter and the lunar asterism Tishya are in the same house.

Artwork of Kalki Purana the Book predicting Kalki Avatar
Artwork of Kalki Purana
Then there is a reference in the Agni Purana chapter 1, and later on in chapter 16, which describes both Buddha and Kalki as the Avatars of Vishnu.

Thereafter the next reference is in the Kalki Purana “Lord Vishnu comes to earth in the home of Sumati,the wife of the Brahmin Vishnuyasha Kalki will be born on "a bright fortnight of the lunar month of Vaishakha, on the twelfth lunar tithi (Dvadashi) and his childhood will be in the mystical kingdom of Shambhala. After the Chiranjeevi immortals gather in Shambhala, Kalki will begin martial training under Guru Parashurama”

The first mention about Kalki as I have mentioned earlier in my post KALKI AVARAR is the Bhagwat Geeta
"Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanirva Bhavathi haratha, Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya Tadatmanam Srijami Aham'.Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-7)"Whenever there is decay of righteousness O! BharathaAnd a rise of unrighteousness then I manifest Myself!'

"Kalki Avatar has been popularly pictured as ridding a white horse and holding a shinning sword, the word Kalki owes its origin to the word time or Kal. Kalki also derives it meaning to the destroyer of filth or evil.

There are numerous other references to Kalki Avatar, which I will try to post later on

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  1. Kalki Avatar(Hinduism), Imam Mehdi(Islam), Jesus(Christianity), Maitriya Avatar(Budhism) and the Guru of Pargana Watal(Sikhism) are not the different personalities but the same personality.

    Already appeared in late 18th century when the yug was converted in the month of May 1894.

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    +91 954 000 2234


    2. o foolish fellow,after the advent of kalki avatar,there will be end of kaliyug. kalki avatar will appear in sambhal village,some where in UP,india. his guru will be parsuram.he will be riding on white horse with sword in his hand.he will be accompanied by his four brothers(all are the expansions of lord maha-vishnu).when lord kalki will appear at that time ,people will not be interested in religious activites.they will very short heighted. they will become canibal(human being eaters).they will live only for 20 will be there to produce babies and eat them as there will no food grains except(barley).there will no rain. at that time,there will be no spiritutal teaching.there will be only killing and killing.because people will not be able to understand dharma. only few pious people(devotees or bhakta) will remain.

      i don't understand why people are mixing things.if you are so much interested in lord kalki,then go and read bhavishya purana,kalki purana,srimad bhagwatam.every thing will be clear. prophet mohamad(in sanskrit, mahamad) was already predicted in bhavishya his earlier life,he was demon named "tripurasur".in kaliyug,by the order of lord visnu,he took birth and preached pissach dharma(adharma)

    3. Sanatan Dharma some things may not be true what is written. As short height, cannibalism. I want to know where did you get that Mahamad will preach Pissach Dharma?? is it written in Quran? I have seen lot teachings in quran are from Bhagwat Gita people Terrorists have interpreted wrongly.

  2. I think Nostradamus prediction about south India -kalki or Hindu leader - happened in south India ,Kerala .
    known as Poyikayil sri kumara gurudevan. he started a religion -PRDS- prethiyaksha reksha deyiva sabha.[ a religion redirected from god ] they worship on Thursday.

    1. so according to you now its Sat yuga if he was born in Kerala????.

  3. Kalki needn't be a Hindu born. Vishnu Purana is a very symbolic and mistical. Why born in India, not in Europe? What is a difference between a Siddha possesing eight main divine powers and Vishnu reincarnated? They are already highly realized persons. The question is regarding the purpose of Avatar's life. It is the fundamental criterion. The Avatar may not want to reveal Himself. If He did, He could not do His job. Imagine, all the spiritual world knows His name, and his abode. There is so many speculations on the matter. If He revealed (don't forget he is still a man) too early his identity, the job could not be done. Thus, I reckon, nobody will get to know of His personality. At least, not yet. Why He cannot be born in India? He is not Hindu, but belongs to the whole world. Thus, He makes changes, intervenes and reacts not from a position of a remoted country-side (of south India). He, if it happened for Him to be this Avatar, has already started intervening. Many of the natural phenomena like floods, earthquakes and tornados as well as many other happenings - both fortunate (to rightous ones) and misfortunate (to the sinful) (North-African revolution, stoppage of Israeli attacks on Palestine) took place already. Kalki is probably active already and living a "normal" life: He is the Ligh of the World (indeed wherever He sees, whatever He thinks it has a great impact on the Mother Nature as He is inseparable from Her, from Time, from the Beyond). Ignorants would even never think of such a possibility, they completly do not realize the presence of living Divine or at least will crumble in theories.

    1. Kalki is going to be hindu born and lead life according to hindu dharma customs . He belongs to the whole world because our religion teaches equality of all human beings , unlike others who tell people to only preach their God and hate / convert or destroy others as seen by treatment of asians in western countries .

      A Hindu will seldom try to convert a christian or muslim but they both will make sure they convert hindus as done by these over last hundreds of years through violent colonialism and war . Your theories , wherever they are coming from need to be reassessed . No foreigner has to tell us about our religion .

    2. Paulnewman -- Kalki will be a Hindu and at that time all his troupe will be of DEvis and Devtas like his brother teachers Rishi Yagnavalka and Parsuram, etc. Even Jesus will be born same Mother Mary as his Mother and Joseph as his Father.

  4. Why Kalki or Kalkin? The answer is strikingly simple. It is obvious. It results from the most inherent and immanent experience of Divine which forms a part of a mistical Process you can call evolution. Indeed, it is a strictly evolutionary experience. We are a part of it. That is why we (if we are lucky enough to be better informed) examine, ask questions, await possible signs of realization of the prophecy because we feel a part of this story - the life story. But, there must be some difference, from the actually evolutionary point of view, somewhat qualitative distinction which justifies of such a exhibition. And this is a subject of beliefe, trust and faith. The innate and hidden qalifications of an Avatar cannot be proved as noone is competent to do it. Comming back to the initial question of the true hidden meaning of next and final Avatar of Vishnu, I suggest as follows: He proclaims the end of Kali Yuga, the age of darkness and sorrow. But Kali Yuga is also the period of cleansing (from sins). So, adequately, He performs partially such a role, too - as if Cleaner, the Major Cleaner, of course. That is such a divine function of the Avatar Kalkin. This, of course, corresponds with His supernatural ability and aspiration (also in an evolutionary sense) to attain optional clarity of mind on certain social level in connection with His wordly day-to-day experience. This also forms a part of His experience and role as the Avatar. Every thought and feeling whether aroused by a shop assistant or someone put on higher level of social hierarchy, or any decisions made according to His spiritual schedule must be of the same importance. All this sum of experiences accumulated in and processed by His highly vibrating and energetic mind finally aim at what we could call the desired stage of evolutionary process (which forms a part of the cosmic transormation) which I would call a stage of a rest, completion, and normalization. Well, the key to understanding of its significance is time, or morre precisely proper time utilization, which consists in discovering the main and only use of Time (meaning also - sense, destiny and fate). This may only be attained by spreading your everyday numerous spiritual activities in time which forms both the aim of life and the ultimate use of time. Kalki knows how to do it best, as He posesses the knowledge and ability of doing it on personal and universal levels, which are actually inseparable ones. His purpose is to give back the proper use of time, which is purely spiritual and would definately mean to considerably climb up on the perfection level. In this way Kalkin gets back what was his property lost (throug Kali - age) and introduces us into the New Age of Wisdom inseparable from Time, Timless Wisdom. :)

  5. Please go through a blog created by NAGARAJU on Kalki ( Sree Veerabhoga Vasantharaya). Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy who is the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu predicted in 1500 AD or thereabouts his reincarnation as Kalki. The Book of Revelation describes destruction of the earth through a comet ( impact on land) ( Dec 2036), Asteroid ( impact on waters), ( May 2040), Meteor ( 2041) and 200 million soldiers killing 3 billion people. A brutal war between India and China would start in 2041. The Link ;

    1. Ravi Shankar -- Veerabrahmendra Swamy has wrongly been interpreted as Vishnu Avatar -- he is Varuna Avatar. It was just revealed to last week.

  6. Nguyen Binh Khiem- A Vietnamese prophet
    Â Vietnamese nostradamus wrote a poem 500 years ago and he predicted that there will be a blood war in South China Sea
    China and India are like two tigers in Asia with their big stomachs and their population is now above 2.5 billion people. Therefore, sooner or later they have to battle one another to survive on scarce food/resources. The Vietnamese Nostradamus (Nguyen Binh Khiem) has predicted 500 years ago that when the Eagle (U.S.A) is back in South China Sea then the 2 Tigers (India and China) will fight to their death and the Eagle will be watching. After the fight, peace and freedom would spread over 4 seas and 5 continents. Most of Vietnamese scholars have read about Vietnamese Nostradamus predictions.
    On “Sam Trang” book, he predicted:
    “Eight Human Age After
    The war begin all over the world”
    On Vietnam and India Lunar, one Human Age has 60 years. This mean that (8 * 60) “Human Eight Age” is 480 years.
    He wrote “Sam Trang” book in 1564. This means that (1564 + 480 = 2044) the World War 3 will start around 2044.
    He aslo predicted a Saint will appear on the current year. He predicted:
    “Ksitigarbha kill the tyrants and eliminate the traitors
    The people can go home”
    Ksitigarbha is a bodhisattva primarily revered in East Asian Buddhism, usually depicted as a Buddhist monk in the Orient. The name may be translated as "Earth Treasury", "Earth Store", "Earth Matrix", or "Earth Womb". Ksitigarbha is known for his vow to take responsibility for the instruction of all beings in the six worlds between the death of Gautama (Sakyamuni) Buddha and the rise of Maitreya Buddha, as well as his vow not to achieve Buddhahood until all hells are emptied.
    He predicted Ksitigarbha will become a Great King for a New Age and the union of countries of the World into one federation.

    1. Buddha will also be born and he may be born in India again not in Orient and true all hells will be emptied.

  7. I am delighted how the consciousness has improved after the Congress misgovernance under Sonia Gandhi from 1966 when she stepped in India or more specifically, the rule from 2004 to 2014 with large scale corruption, excess siphoning of money and inflation touching double digits. After the rise of modi under the BJP after 2014 due to lack of corruption the inflation rate is hovering at 4 to 6%.after people are helpless in their life and killed as a bloodsport since 1989, population multiplies and only when governments give to its citizens money spent on healthcare, education and jobs , the population growth rate falls to below 2% like it happened after the 2003 to 2008 bull market in equities after the BJP worked very hard under Shri atal Behari Vajpayee from 1999 to 2004. Indian food production has improved due to modern and scientific outlook under modi govt with drip and sprinkler irrigation a few suggestions if mine in the 1990's in my school. Then rice fields in Andhra Pradesh used to be flooded with water with low productivity because of heavy pesticide use and not letting the microorganisms thrive under soil and interact with water and soil nutrients and natural fertilizers like cow dung, cow urine, neem liquid sprayed on the leaves to prevent disease, using fallen leaves for composting and enhancing the quality of top soil, using jaggery among others to enhance soil nutrients. Under modi, we have controlled inflation and are becoming a superpower just in time to witness the birth of lord kalki in shambal district of Odisha in 2025. The Kalki Purana mentions he will rule for 108 years after the 27 year war mentioned by Nostradamus from 2037 to 2064, Kalki's descendants will rule for the remaining part of 1000 years of peace from 2064. Sree veerabrahmendra swamy who is none other than Vishnu himself predicted his incarnation as sree veerabhoga vasantharaya on vishwavasu Telugu new year which falls in 2025 AD with Telugu new years repeating after every 60 years. We in short words are entering a golden age on sree Siddhaiya namaha, om Sree veerabrahmendra swamy namaha or shri in the case of North Indians. Jai Bharatvarsha.


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