Shabar Shatru Nashak Mantra Using Nimboo

In this post, I have described a very powerful enemy destruction Shatru Nashak Shabar Mantra for casting a strong Voodoo Black Magic Spell on an enemy using a Lime or Nimboo. This Occult Spell is used to punish an unjust, cruel, and dangerous enemy who has become a threat to the existence of the practitioner.

Nimboo is a very powerful infusion object that is used in casting all kinds of Voodoo Black Magic Spells, including Vashikaran, Uchchatan, and Maran Mantra Experiments.

I have come across more than one variation of the same Shabar Mantra. However, the one given in this post is contained in an old and authentic text on Shabar Mantras.

Casting this enemy destruction spell will punish the enemy as per the feelings and emotions with which it is practiced by the practitioner. Hence, it should be practiced with intensity and will-power to melt out the desired punishment to the enemy.

Shabar Shatru Nashak Mantra Using Nimboo

The Mantra Vidhi is described below-
1] This Shabar Shatru Nashak Mantra Prayog can be practiced on any day and as it is a Siddh Shabar Mantra, there is no Siddhi Sadhana needed to cast this spell.

2] The practitioner has to take a whole lime in his right hand and infuse it with the power of the Shabar Mantra given below by chanting the Mantra 21 times.

मन्त्र-तन्त्र की ऐसी – तैसी, पार्वती की मन्त्र वैसी |
जिहाँ पठाऊँ, तिहाँ जाए | 
{ अमुक } का करेजा, फोर के खाय |
काली दुर्गा का नाम है | 
सर्व-मंगला का काम है |
मोर फूँकें, मोर गुरू के फुँकें | 
महादेव पार्वती के फुँकें |
जा, चघ जा |

Mantra-Tantra Ki Aisi-Taisi, Parvati Ki Mantra Vaisi |
Jihaan Pathaaun, Tihaan Jaay |
[ Amuk ] Ka Karejaa, For Ke Khaay |
Kali Durga Ka Naam Hai |
Sarva-Mangala Ka Kaam Hai |
Mor Foonke, Mor Guru Ke Foonke |
Mahadev Parvati Ke Foonke |
Jaa, Chagh Jaa |

3] Then, the practitioner has to cut the lime with a knife. The lime should not be cut into 2 parts, but only make a deep cut, so that both the parts of the Nimboo stick together. 

4] Then, the Shabar Mantra infused lime should be thrown into the house of the enemy, on his terrace or in front of his front or back door, whichever is possible.

The Hindi language video of this Shabar Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel – Nimboo Se Dushman Par Jadu-Tona Karne Ka Shabar Mantra Prayog

Note- See the section on Mantras and Remedies for enemy problems for more such Mantras, Yantras, and Paranormal Remedies for resolving enemy related issues.


  1. Diwali kiya 14th November, 2020 raat ko hai? Yah fir 15th November, 2020? Mujhe Diwali ke raat mantra jaapa karna hai. Kindly koi mujhe jankari dekar madad karein. Dhanyabaad.

    1. दीवाली 14 नवंबर को ही है। यह दिन दीपावली ,लक्ष्मी पूजन ,कुबेर पूजा ,खाता पूजा ,श्राद्ध अमावस ,रात्रि में महाकाली पूजा ,केदार गौरी व्रत का है।

    2. Satyanidhi ji, aapko bahut dhanyabaad.

  2. नीलजी,शाबर तंत्र में विभिन्न कर्मो के लिए नीम्बू के अनेक प्रयोग मिलते हैं। पाठकों की जानकारी के लिए निम्न प्रयोग प्रस्तुत हैं --
    (१)नीम्बू बीर---
    ख़म ख़म नींबू ,हसला घोड़ा ,पाट का डोर । देखों रे नीबू तेरी आन ,नौ नाथ चौरासी सिद्ध की आन । फुरै मन्त्र ,ईश्वरी वाचा ।
    विधि --शनिवार की रात्रि में तारों के उजाले में १०८ मन्त्र पढ़कर सेही का काँटा नींबू में छेदे।छेदते समय शत्रु का नाम ले। फिर नींबू पर सिन्दूर चढ़ाये और लोभान की धूप देकर कब्र में गड़ा दे,तो शत्रु की मृत्यु हो।
    (२)शत्रु नाशक तंत्र --
    बुधवार की रात्रि में ग्यारह नींबू लेकर भगवती माँ की तस्वीर के सामने सिन्दूर में सरसों का तेल मिलाकर किसी कील से सभी ग्यारह नीम्बुओं पर शत्रु का नाम लिखें और इस मन्त्र की तीन माला जाप करें --"ॐ क्रीं शत्रु नाशिनी क्रीं फट "। जप के बाद इन नीम्बुओं को कहीं खाली जमीन में
    गाड़ दें। शत्रु आपका कुछ नहीं बिगाड़ सकेगा।

    1. Ki aapka number mil sakta hai satyanidhi ji

  3. Agar Ghar ke Office pass main na ho to kya Kare limbu Ka?

  4. When I chant this mantra, do I start chanting with saying "mantra tantra ki aisi..." or do I start chanting from "Ki aisi...?" Please advise as I want to make sure I chant it right. Sorry if I offended you if you think this is a stupid question but I truly do not now. Thank you.

    1. Chant the mantra as given in the post starting "mantra tantra kee aisee taisee------"

  5. Will this work if I just chant the mantra and not do the part involving the lime? I will not be able to throw it at my enemy's place because going near them is too dangerous. Please help. Thank you.

  6. Sir if that enemy finds that lime from the terrace and shows it to somebody will he know who has done this


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