Vashikaran By Only 1 Chant at Night

In this post, I have written about a Vashikaran Mantra Chant that is said to possess the powers of attracting any desired man or woman by chanting the Vashikaran Mantra just 1 time at night before going to sleep.

The procedure of using this Vashikaran Mantra is described below for the benefit of those readers who wish to practice it for casting a Vashikaran Spell of Enchantment on any desired person for the purpose of love, affection, marriage, friendship or any other purpose like removing the anger from an enemy by bind the enemy under the Vashikaran Spell.

1] This Vashikaran Mantra does not have to be Mastered by chanting it for a specified number of Mantra Chants.

The practitioner should only memorize it before using it, this is not difficult because the Mantra is easy to remember as it is composed using three Beej Mantras and the V Barakhadi.

Vashikaran By  Only 1 Chant at Night to attract any man or woman instantly

2] The Vashikaran Mantra Prayog can be practiced on any night just before going to sleep.

3] The practitioner has to first remember the desired man or woman and bring a mental image of that person in his mind and then chant the Vashikaran Mantra only one time and then go to sleep.

Each letter of the Vashikaran Mantra has to be chanted along with a single breath. This means that the practitioner has to inhale and chant 1 letter and then again inhale and chant the next letter and so on.

4] The Vashikaran Spell is said to bind that person under a very strong Vashikaran Spell of the practitioner and make the person agreeable to any suggestion given by the practitioner.

The Vashikaran Mantra Prayog has to be practiced just 1 time and it can be repeated if required on the same desired person after a gap of 10-15 days.

Notes- If any reader uses this Vashikaran Mantra for attracting any person, they are requested to share their experience for the benefit of other readers of

The Hindi language version of the same Vashikaran Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel -


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  2. Please can I wear the Talisman without chanting?

  3. I have chanted few mantras. but nothing seem to be helpful and give any positive results. please help . am i doing something wrong

  4. i am following Guruji for fast 8-9 years, i did some many chanting's for my job, studies & memory power, it gave me very good result,

    Stastang Pranam to Guguji to helping us, ������

    "Do pooja or chant in good purpose & good reason it will work" ��

  5. I am getting results by chanting this mantra. But it effect isn't very deep and doesn't stays for long time . Can I chant this regularly ?

  6. Pranam guruji, I have girl friend in Vietnam,she is Vietnamese, last 4year back I came to back to India, long time we are separated , if I chant in this mantra is it really working ?to come back to my life , give me advice or please suggest any powerful mantra

  7. Pranam guruji, I have girl friend in Vietnam ,she is Vietnamese, 2017 I came to India, now we are separated, I am asking to guruji really in this mantra working? Bcz I want to chant, if not not working in this mantra, please suggest any powerful mantra guruji.. pranam ������

  8. Is there a rule against chanting every night?

    Does it have a negative impact? I have waited to marry my lover for 3 years and now I desperately need this to work. He loves me just not willing to marry... there is no ill thought.

    Please advise


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