Bhavishya Gyan Mantra to Know which Decision to Take

In this post, I have written about a rare Bhavishya Gyan or Future Knowing Mantra that enables the practitioner to take the correct decision or right course of action for any task or choose the best solution for any problem.

This Future Knowing Mantra, which originates from Jainism is in that sense slightly different from most of the other Future Knowing Mantras published on this site over the past many years.

The procedure of practicing this Mantra Prayog is given below.

Jain Bhavishya Gyan Mantra

1] The Mantra Prayog can be practiced on any night just before going to sleep.

2] The practitioner has to stay calm and composed, avoid speaking ill about others, and gossip the day on which he is going to practice the Mantra Prayog. He has to take avoid Non-Vegetarian and Spicy Food and maintain celibacy. All in all the attitude of the practitioner should be Pure or Satvik on the day of the Mantra Experiment.

3] There are no specified rules like Disha, Aasan, Puja-Vidhi, and the practitioner can use any kind of counting rosary, including a counting counter for counting the number of Mantra Chants. The Future Knowing Mantra is given below, it has to be chanted for 1 Mala or 108 times and after that, the practitioner has to go to sleep.

ॐ पउमे महापउमे पउमुत्तरे पउमुपल्ले पउमसरे पउमसिरी ठः ठः स्वाहा ||
Om Paume Mahapume Paumuttare Paumupalle Paumasare Paumasiri Thah Thah Swaha ||

4] In the morning or any time after that, the practitioner will get the right intuition about, which decision or course of action he has to take.

The Hindi language video of this article can be seen on our YouTube Channel – Bhavishya Me Kya Karna Hai Ise Maloom Karne Ka Mantra

Note- See the section on Future Mantras and Tantra for many such rare and powerful Future Knowing Mantras and Yantras.


  1. how the intution will show up ? Is it like that our all decisions will be auspicious or we is it like we will visualize the future in 3rd eye ? please reply guruji.


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