Mantra and Remedies for Scorpion Sting

In this post, I have written about a Mantra for safety from scorpion stings and some Indian Tantric Remedies of Upay for getting relief from scorpion bites and also for removing scorpions from your home or any other place.

Remedy for Removing Scorpions from any Place
The practitioner has to kill a scorpion and then burn it, this will make other scorpions leave that place and go away.

Remedies for getting relief from Scorpion Stings
1] Neem Ke Ped Ke Patte or Leaves of the Neem Tree [Botanical Name- Azadirachta indica] and Hindi or Asafetida have to be grounded together and applied on the body part where the patient has been stung by a scorpion.

2] Applying Crushed Onion over the affected area and consuming Gud or Jaggery is said to give relief.

3] Conch Ke Beej or Velvet Beans have to be grounded to a paste and this paste should be rubbed on the palms to get relief from scorpion stings.

4] Dried Neem Ke Patte have to be put in a Chillum or Smoking Pipe and smoked in order to get relief.

5] Apamarg Ke Patte or Prickly Chaff Tree Leaves have to be crushed to a paste and the paste should be applied over the affected body part.

Hindu Healing Mantra and Remedies for Scorpion Sting

Mantra to stay Safe and Secure from Scorpion Stings
The Mantra given below has to be chanted every day in the morning upon getting up from the bed and keeping your feet on the ground. This is said to keep the practitioner safe and secure from scorpion stings.

ॐ काली माई सुखं सिर स्वाहा ||
Om Kali Mai Sukham Sir Swaha ||

This appears to be a Siddh Protection Mantra because no Siddh Procedure has been mentioned and it has to be chanted only one time.

Earlier Mantras for Scorpion Stings
Mantra for Treating Scorpion Stings
Shabar Mantra for Relief from Scorpion Stings

Notes- Information given in this article has only been given to give knowledge on Indian Tantric and Paranormal Remedies.

You can see more Mantras, Yantras, and Remedies to protect yourself from scorpions, snakes, insects, wild animals, and other harmful insects, reptiles, and other creatures in the sections on Protection Mantras, Health Mantras, Paranormal Remedies on Health and other sections of this site.


  1. बिच्छू पैदा करना --
    मिट्टी का इक कुल्हड़ लाकर गोबर भैंस भरै।
    गधा मूत्र ऊपर से डारै तब यह खेल करै ।
    दही और बूरा थोड़ा सा ये भी उसमे भरिये ।
    जहां होय कूड़ा कर्कट कुछ,वहाँ गाड़ि कै धरिये।
    दिना आठ बीते पे देखो बिच्छू पैदा होई ।
    बड़े बड़े और बिषधारी डर पै देखै जोई ।
    (इंद्रजाल से )


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