Mantra to treat Scorpion Sting - 2

This is another Shaabri Health Mantra which has prescribed for the treatment of Scorpion sting.

For treatment a small branch of the Lime tree with some leaves has to be lightly moved over the affected part of the body of the person from Scorpion Sting. Doing this is said to remove the poison resulting from the Scorpion sting.

The script used in this mantra is again the commonly spoken script by the masses of the middle ages. I have tried to translate this mantra into English as best as I could.

This Mantra has been given for information purposes only and not as a substitute for any on going treatment.

Om kala bicchu kankadwala l
Soneka dankh rupeka pyala l
Mai kya janu bicchu teri jaat l
Jnmya choudus mavas ki raat l
Chadhi ko utaro,utarti ko maro shatva mankadi fukaro l
Furo mantra ishwari vacha ll

ॐ काला बिच्छू कंकड़वाला l
सोनेका डंख रुपेका प्याला l
मै क्या जानू बिच्छू तेरी जात l
जन्म्या चौदस मावस की रात l
चढी को उतारो,उतरती को मारो सहत्व मंकडी फुकारो l
फुरो मंत्र इश्वारी वाचा ll

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