Nau Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

The Nau Mukhi or the nine faced Rudraksha is called as being the symbol of ‘Kapal Bhairav’. The skull which symbolizes death through destruction. This is one of the forms of Bhairav. This Rudraksha also symbolizes Nau Durga, the Universal Mother. Hence it is considered as the symbol of the nine Goddesses who are the manifestations of Durga. This is the most important Rudraksha to eradicate past life Karma or the sins committed in one’s past lives. This Rudraksha is said to erase an infinite number of past life sins.

This Rudraksha is recommended to be worn on the forearm of the right hand. It is considered to be very beneficial to women. Hence women are always recommended to wear it; however there is no bar, as anyone can wear this Rudraksha. This Rudraksha gives the wearer wealth. The fear of death or the fear of the God of death ‘Yamraj’ disappears. It is also removes the trouble from enemies and one can easily win over the enemies. All kinds of happiness come the way of the wearer.

It is said that wearing this Rudraksha around ones neck every day and reciting the mantra given below gives astonishing results and the impossible becomes possible –

Om Hreem Durgayai Nam : ll
ॐ ह्रीं दुर्गायै नाम :

The unique mantra at the time of wearing this mantra is --

Hreem Vam Yam Lam Ram ll
ह्रीं वँ यं लं रं ll

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