Panch Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

The Panch Mukhi or the five faced Rudraksha represents Kaalagni or the omnipresent wheel of Time. This is the Rudra Swaroop or the fierce manifestation of Shiva, as none can escape the clutches of Time, which spares none. It also symbolizes Shiva as the Ever-Existent Universal Father.

It is said that wearing this Rudraksha on your body grants you the blessing of the Universal Father as symbolized by Shiva. All kinds of happiness including material and Spiritual come your way. It is also said that this Rudraksha erases the past life Karma of adultery and also the sins of cannibalism.

The net results arising from the wearing of this Rudraksha on your body depends upon the size of the seed, the bigger the better. One to three seed of this Rudraksha can be worn. If this Rudraksha has an organic hole then it is considered as excellent, if not then it is of medium quality. The other rules are the same as described before.

This is the unique mantra which vibrates with the frequency of the Panch Mukhi Rudraksha.

ॐ हाँ आं क्षम्यों स्वाहा ll
Om Ham Aam kshmyom Swaha ll

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Please tell me how many times this above mantra can be chanted before wearing 5 mukhi rudraksha?

  2. hey can you please help me my house i think something is in it you see my neighbours did obeah on ur or blak magic and we got fixed from this man and now i think they are sending more evil spirits can u tell me what should i do to capture or protect ourselves it was playing with my dad hair last night plzzz help me ther is evil in our home

  3. Thanks for your reply Sir.

    @Zac Morris - You can many mantras and information here to remove black magic please browse the website properly you will get the solution.

    Amit Ranaat

  4. Hi mr Neel can you send a audio link of the above mantra for correct pronunciation. In kshmyom do we need to say K or K silent.Also as this mantra contains swaha do we need to do havan? Pls reply asap thank you.


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