Dhoop Aarti - English - Marathi

Dhoop called Incense in English is an integral part and parcel of the daily worship in the Hindu religion. The practice of lighting Dhoop before a deity goes back to the Vedic period. This practice involves reciting an Aarti while offering Dhoop in a traditional Pooja tray or a Spoon like utensil. Burning of Dhoop, which is made from natural ingredients like roots, wood and various types of flowers, purifies the entire atmosphere. The Spiritual significance is that it purifies the mind.

This is one such Aarti in the Marathi language which is commonly recited in praise of Vitthal or Vishnu who is also called as Pandhariraya or the Lord of Pandharpur.

Dhoop Aarti
English Translation
Jai dev jai dev jai pandhariraya l
Dhoop arpitse mi bhave tav paya ll Dhru.ll
Sojval agniroopa nijtejorashi l
Ahnbhaav dhoop krupe jaalisi l
Tyacha anand majhe mansi l
Tav darshanmatre sukh he sarvansi ll 1 ll
Purnanand deva tu sachchidanandakanda l
Parmatma tu assi anandkanda l
Purna kari tuchi bhaktanchya chhanda l
Angikaruni dhoopa de brahmananda ll 2 ll

जय देव जय देव जय पंढरीराया l
धूप अर्पितसें मी भावें तव पाया ll धृ ll
सोज्वळ अग्नीरूपा निजतेजोराशी 
अहंभाव धूप कृपे जाळीसी l
त्याचा आनंद माझे मानसी l 
तव दर्शनमात्रे सुख हे सर्वासीं ll १ ll
पूर्णानंद देवा तूं सच्चिदानंदकंदा l
परमात्मा तूं अससी आनंदकंदा l
पूर्ण करी तूंची भक्तांच्या छंदा ll
अंगीकारुनि धूपा दे ब्रह्मानंदा ll २ ll 


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