How to control your husband or wife

This post is in response to numerous mails I get from my non Indian readers, who find it difficult to pronounce the Attraction Mantras of Vashikaran and Mohini Vidhya. As I am unable to reply to all mail individually I have found these two interesting experiments which do not require the use of any Mantras or any of the supporting ingredients or specific dates according to the Hindu Calendar.. These experiments are from the Ananga Ranga.

Ananga Ranga Husband Wife Love Scripture of Hinduism
Ananga Ranga Husband Wife Love

The Ananga Ranga is an important Indian work on knowledge relating to sex and Sexual Health from the middle ages. This text is said to have been written by Kalyanamalla in the 15th or 16th Century. This work has been written to educate and help men and women develop healthy and Passionate relations. Please keep in mind that the teachings of Hnduism on Sexual Satisfaction unlike other religions and sects not rigid and taboo. In fact the Hindu Tantrik texts describe the Union of Shiva - Shakti and Radha - Krishna as Hinduism's highest Sexual Unions.

Please note that I do not practice or Advocate the use of these methods, this has been written for information purposes only.

For Men
After engaging in Sexual – Relations with your wife or lover, take some of your seminal fluid in your left hand. Apply this seminal fluid to the left foot of your wife or lover. It is said that doing this will bring her completely under your control. You will forever become the dominant partner depending how frequently you try this experiment.

For Women
Every time before engaging into a Sexual – Union with your husband or lover, touch the Penis of your partner with your left foot. It is said that doing this bring him under your control for life. You will be the dominant partner for life.

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