Karpoora Aarti - English Marathi

Worshipping by lighting small Karpoor or Camphor tablets before your favorite deities is an integral part and parcel of the Hindu religion. The Camphor is lit in ceremonial trays or ceremonial spoon like utensils.

This is normally a short Aarti. It has been taught by religious preachers that reciting an Aarti while rotating Karpoor remover all the bad Karma, meaning all the negative energy. The burning of the Camphor is symbolic of this, it is believed that like the burning fire all the negativity in your body burns away.

This here is a short and popular Karpoora Aarti in Marathi. This Aarti calls upon the compassionate and Ever-Existent God to remain in the heart of the devotee forever.

Karpoora Aarti

English Translation

Karpoorgaura ! Karunavatara ! Sansarsara ! Bhujgendrahara !
Sada rahasi ! hradayaravindi ! Bhava ! Bhavanisaha tuj vandi ll 1 ll

कर्पूरा आरती
कर्पूरगौरा ! करुणावतारा ! संसारसारा ! भुजगेंद्रहारा !
सदा राहासी हृदयारविंदी ! भवा ! भवानीसह तुज वंदी ll

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