Beej Mantra to See Future in Dream and Avoid Untimely Death

In this post, I have written about 2 very simple yet most effective methods of using a 1 Word Beej Mantra to either see the future in Dreams, while sleeping at night or to remove all fears related to untimely or unexpected death.

These are probably the easiest Mantra Experiments for fulfilling both the purposes mentioned that have been published on this site over the past many years.

Mantra Experiment to see future in dreams

1] The practitioner has to practice this Mantra Experiment while sleeping at night.

2] He has to keep chanting the Beej Mantra - ठं - Tham while trying to sleep and continue doing so until he falls asleep.

3] The practitioner can chant the Beej Mantra, verbally, or mentally. He has to fully concentrate upon the Beej Mantra and keep chanting it in a mentally and physically relaxed manner.

4] If success is not gained on the first night, then the practitioner should continue the Mantra Experiment for the next 3-4 days or until he succeeds in visualizing future events in a dream.

Mantra Experiment to prevent Unexpected Death or Akal Mrityu

1] The practitioner has to keep chanting the Beej Mantra ठं ठं ठं - Tham Tham Tham, take a breath and continue chanting it in threes.

2] The Mantra chanting can be done at any time during the day or night and while walking or doing any work.

3] The practitioner can chant the Beej Mantra as many times as he likes or whenever is fearful of sudden death. This removes all probabilities or fears of untimely demise.

For both these Mantra Experiments
There is no Puja-Vidhi or any other ritual or rules involved for chanting this Beej Mantra for both or any of the two purposes described in this post.

The Hindi Language video of this article can be seen on our YouTube Channel- Sapno Me Bhavishya Dekhne Ka Aur Akal Mritu Nashak Beej Mantra

Note- For similar Mantras, Yantras, and Remedies, see the sections on Future Mantra and Tantra and Protection and Health Mantras.


  1. Thank You so much sir for this page through which we have receiving different ways to solve different type of problems

  2. I Did the 1st Beej Mantra to see the future in dreams...
    Neel Ji please answer my query for what i saw?
    I chanted the mantra mentally and fall asleep...
    with in some time i felt my hands and body was not moveable; while still on bed and some figure couldnt see the face but i could feel the hands it was of a human lady with bangles and pulling my hands towards her.... and i was trying my best not too to go..
    but couldnt move my hands and got scared and gotup....
    when i saw the clock its was hardly a hour that i went to sleep...
    please Neel Ji help me understand what this dream/Experience really means?

    1. You got a paranormal experience, it is difficult to say at this stage, you can continue the Mantra Chanting to see what happens next.

    2. No it was not useful for me...
      i tried it several time for days and months... i only see some ghost and paranomal activity as neel ji said.. so i have stoped it..

    3. No it was not useful...
      i tried it for days and months but only saw ghosts and as neel sir said paranomal activity...
      for me it was not useful but it can be useful if you try...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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