Mantra for Getting Answer to Any Question on Paper

In this post, I have written about a rare and unknown Indian Occult Practice involving a Mantra for getting answers to any question by making the answer appear magically on a piece of paper.

The Procedure of Gaining Siddhi over this Occult Tantra of Getting Answer to Any Question on Paper:
The practitioner should start the Siddhi Sadhana on a Monday after bathing and wearing clean clothes and continue the Mantra Sadhana until the next Monday. During this period he should chant the Mantra given below 10, 000 times by chanting it for a fixed number of Chants daily.

|| ॐ श्री श्री श्री श्री श्री पार्वती की सिद्धि शंकर का वाचा पार्वती का अक्षर सांचा आदेश गुरु को ॐ तत् और सत् ||
|| Om Shri Shri Shri Shri Shri Parvati Ki Siddhi Shankar Ka Vacha Parvati Ka Akshar Sancha Aadesh Guru Ko Om Tat Aur Sat ||

On the last day of the Mantra Sadhana he should perform a Dashansh Havan by offering Bura Sugar or Demerara Sugar in English, Pieces of Khopra or Dried Coconut, and Gugal Dhoop or Myrrh Incense.

This means 1000 offerings of a mixture of the abovementioned ingredients to the Havan while chanting the Mantra each time an offering is made.

The Technique of Getting Answers to Desired Questions:
The practitioner should take a piece of paper and write the name of the person asking the question on all four corners of the paper and the question in the middle of the paper as shown in the example image.

Hindu Future Knowing Occult Practice

Then, he should light a flame of coals in a clean place and hover the papers over the flames for a few moments. According to the Hindu Occult Tantra, the answer will appear magically on the paper.

Some Important Information: Even though this Mantra has been composed using the Names of Bhagwan Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the Tantra does not prescribe special prayers or worship of Shivji and Parvati Mata.

The Mantra should never be used for getting answers to useless, selfish, or nefarious questions.

Also please note, that even though this Occult Spell has been described in an authentic scripture on Hindu Voodoo Spells, success will primarily depend upon the spiritual advancement of the practitioner.

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