Ritual Invoking Goddess Durga to Exorcise Empty House

In this post, I have described a simple but powerful Hindu Ritual invoking the Mother Goddess Durga Mata to exorcise an empty, abandoned, and unoccupied house or any other place of all spirits, demons, curses, and any other kind of harmful, dangerous and evil entities and energies that have entered the place and made it their house.

As explained in earlier posts, there is a strong belief cutting across religions and cultures that vacant houses attract ghosts, spirits, and other demonic beings. Some houses are affected by curses and the evil eye. In contrast, different houses, and ancient structures can retain traces of previous dead occupants, especially those with unfulfilled wishes or those who met an unnatural end.

Sometimes, even if a house is not haunted, the aura of the house could not suit the new occupants and there is the possibility of suffering from nightmares, bad luck, illness, or even unnecessary and unwarranted superstition that the house is haunted.

This simple but most potent Hindu Exorcism Spell, which I have written about in this will prove to be an Infallible Occult Spell that will quickly purify an unoccupied house of all negative energies, if it is practiced with unflinching faith in Goddess Durga.
Exorcism Ritual to Exorcise Abandoned House

The technique of practicing this exorcism spell is described below 1] The exorcism spell can be started on any day after bathing and wearing clean and fresh clothes. The practitioner should take half a liter of fresh unboiled cow milk put nine drops of pure honey into it and keep it in front of a photo or image of Goddess Durga.

2] He should then keep two fresh roses in front of the photograph of Goddess Durga light two Agarbatti and chant a small prayer to her requesting her to eliminate all the spirits, demons, and other negative energies and vibrations from the house and the courtyard or open space surrounding the house.

3] Then, the practitioner should sprinkle the milk on all the walls of the house, especially the corners of the rooms, the doors, and the courtyard or open space. Lastly, he should pour the remaining milk like a stream on the main door or entrance of the house.

4] To fully eliminate all harmful energies sanctify the house and make it pure, it is recommended that this spell to exorcise an empty and unoccupied house should be practiced for 21 days. The exorcism spell will start showing positive results on the first day itself but after 21 days all harmful energies will be permanently banished from the house and its surroundings.

Note: Many simple, rare, and powerful exorcism spells of every kind can be seen in the section Prophet666.com: Exorcism Mantras and Rituals.


  1. fresh roses are expensive here
    can't we use fresh red flowers hibiscus ?

    1. Roses are described in the Tantra, hence, I cannot comment about the use of other flowers.

    2. Given the tantra is there to guide us and if we are dedicated to maa durga and we are emotionally attached to this remedy, then im sure , she wouldnt mind the red flowers from us as we cannot do anything else.


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