Powerful Shri Ram Talisman for Protection

In this post, I have written about a very potent instantly working Protection Talisman Invoking Shri Ram and Shri Lakshman. This Powerful Talisman is the most effective remedy for protecting yourself from any kind of harm.

A few years back, I had written about a Protection Talisman, which used a verse from the Rama Raksha Stotra to protect women from any kind of harm, including eve-teasing, harassment in the workplace, public places, or even at home. That post can be seen here: Shri Ram Raksha Remedy for Protection or Ladies.

As the verse is in Sanskrit, it was difficult for many people to practice it as recommended in that post. In this post, I have replaced the Ram Raksha Stotra verse with the approximate meaning of the verse. Apart from women, this Protection Charm can be used by any person who is under threat or fears for his safety.

Replacing the verse with the meaning will work like a most powerful affirmation for self-protection and will have the same power and effect as the earlier remedy invoking the verse from the Ram Raksha Stotra.

Shri Ram Yantra for Protection

The procedure of making and using this Shri Ram Protection Talisman to Protect Yourself from Harm:

1] The practitioner can practice this remedy anytime and there are no rules for practicing this simple protection remedy. The remedy can even be practiced during the menstrual cycle if a woman is practicing the same.

2] The practitioner should take a white paper and write down the verse given below on the paper using green, blue, or red ink and then chant it three times as an affirmation.

“Shri Ram and Shri Lakshman with their bows and arrows are ever-present behind Me to protect Me from Harm”

3] Then, the practitioner should keep a few Tulsi Leaves called Holy Basil Leaves in English on the paper and fold the paper to make a small packet.

4] This packet should be tightly placed in a small packet prepared using a red colored cloth. The packet should be closed by stitching it from the outside and kept in the purse, wallet, or pocket.

5] Whenever, the practitioner experiences fear, or discomfort or thinks that he is under threat, he should mentally think “Shri Ram is standing behind Me, I have nothing to fear. The effect will be felt instantly and all fear and tension will subside.

Note: All kinds of Mantras and Remedies for self-protection can be seen in the various sections of this site, including the section Prophet666.com: Vishnu Mantras and Protection Mantras.


  1. Neelji, For this Talisman and for others also which are kept in purse, please advice if the washrooms can be used normally or one needs to hide his purse somewhere or with someone. What if Talisman in my purse and the purse is in my pants/jeans, can I use any such impure place normally with no guilt?

    1. You don't need to do anything, these things are unavoidable


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