Powerful Negative Energies Eliminating Spells

In this post, I have written about two powerful numerical Negative Energies Eliminating Spells to get rid of all kinds of negative energies, such as ghosts, spirits, demons, black magic spells, curses, malefic gaze, and other such dangerous and harmful vibrations from the house and the body of an affected person.

These are powerful standalone Occult Spells, which are described in authentic Indian Texts on the Occult for Exorcism of Negative Energies and they do not need to be energized with an Exorcism Mantra or any other Voodoo Ritual. The procedure of making and using these Numerical Yantras is simple and uncomplicated; hence, any person can make and use them according to his needs.

Yantra Spell to Eliminate Negative Energies from a House: The Yantra shown in the image below should be made on white paper with black ink. Then, it should be folded and put inside a small packet/bag made from black cloth and stitched and closed with a black thread to make a Protective Talisman for the House.
Occult Spell to Protect a House

This Talisman should either be hung with a black thread on any of the two corners of the frame of the main door or entrance of the house or it can be buried in the ground in front of the main door. This will prevent or repulse any of the negative energies described above from entering the house.

The Hindi video of the Negative Energies Removal Spell can be seen on our YouTube Channel prophet666: Makan Ko Nakaratmak Shaktiyon Ko Surakshit Rakhne Ka Yantra

Powerful Spell for Protection from Negative Energies: The numerical Yantra shown in the image below will act like a most powerful protection spell to prevent harm from the negative energies described earlier in this post. This Yantra should be prepared on white paper with black ink kept in a cloth or metal locket and tied around the neck of the affected person or any other person to preempt danger from negative energies.
Occult Spell to Eliminate Negative Energies

For the Use of both these Protection Yantras: These Yantras will deliver extremely good results quickly if the practitioner puts his complete faith in them. The practitioner can dedicate these Yantras to his favored deity or angel if desired. Please remember that these Yantras have the potential to generate tremendous protective energy and hence their supernatural powers should never be used for fun or just to see what happens.

There is no specific order for writing the numbers of these Protective Yantras and they can be written in any language. 

Note: All kinds of protection and exorcism spells, rituals, and Mantras can be seen in the section Prophet666.com: Exorcism Mantras and Spells, Protection Mantras and Yantras.


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