Important Things and Items for Worship of Hanuman

In this post, I have written about some important things, that can be implemented while worshiping Shri Hanuman or practicing any Mantra Sadhana, Stotra, or Chalisa dedicated to him to gain his blessings quickly.
The Tribe of Hanuman Worshipers is vast and diverse. He is worshiped for a wide range of purposes, the most popular being the gain of strength and courage, elimination of enemies, dangers and threats, gain of knowledge and wisdom, money and wealth, peace and happiness. Co-opting the simple recommendations given below can be very helpful for Hanuman Devotees.
How to Worship Lord Hanuman

Best Direction for Worshiping Hanuman: While practicing any Mantra Sadhana of Hanuman, the practitioner should face the East Direction because this is considered the most auspicious Direction for the Worship of Shri Hanuman. If facing the East Direction is not possible, the practitioner should mentally imagine that Hanuman is present in the East Direction and practice the Sadhana.

The Importance Brahmacharya in Hanuman Worship: Hanuman is the personification or ideal for all celibates, hence during any Mantra Sadhana of Hanuman, the practitioner should observe Total Kayik, Mansik, and Vachik Brahmacharya or Physical, Mental, and Verbal Celibacy. True Devotees of Hanuman should treat all other women, like their Mothers.

Worship of Shri Rama: Before starting any Mantra Sadhana of Hanauman, the practitioner should mentally worship Shri Rama because this pleases Hanuman and he blesses the practitioner. Chanting any Mantra or Stotra of Shri Rama will also enable the practitioner to gain the blessings of Hanumanji.

Worship of Shri Hanuman: Panchopchar, Dashopchar, and Shodopchar Puja or Five Steps, Ten Steps, or Sixteen Steps Worship has been prescribed for worshiping Hanuman. In case, it is not possible to practice the first two types of worship, the practitioner can practice Panchopchar Puja by offering Gandham, Dhoop, Diya, Pushp, and Naivedya to Hanuman.

Best Flowers, Leaves, and Garland for Worshiping Hanuman:
Hanuman is an Avatar of Lord Shiva, hence Bael Leaves are very dear to him. However, the Bael leave should never to offered to Hanuman in an inverted manner. Aak Ke Patte Ya Phoolon Ka Haar or Garland made from the leaves or flowers of the Apple of Sodom, or Kapok tree should be used in the worship of Hanuman. Flowers like Kevda. Gulab, Mogra, Genda, Kamal, or Suryamukhi are considered auspicious for worshiping Hanuman.

Use of Lal Shendur or Red Vermilion:
Red Shendur is a very popular item in the worship of Hanuman. Malayagiri Chandan and Red Chandan, which are two types of Sandalwood are also the most sought-after items for worshiping Hanuman. Mixing a few strands of Saffron or Kesar with the Sandalwood Paste is said to please Hanuman.

Water for Bathing Hanuman Idol:
Ganga Jal or the Holy Water of the River Ganges is the best water for Hanuman Worship. However, Ganga Jal is not available everywhere, in that case, Well Water can be used. If Well Water is not available, then clean drinking water can be used. On special occasions, the Hanuman Idol is bathed with Panchamrit

Naivedya Offered to Shri Hanuman:
Devotees should note that the Best Naivedya is the one that is prepared using Pure Cow Ghee. Motichoor Ladoo, Urad Vada, Jaggery, and Chana are preferred Naivedya for Morning Worship. Wheat Roti, Churma, Jaggery, and Ghee for Afternoon Worship, and Fruits, like Banana, Guava, and Mangoes during Night Worship. In case, it is not possible to offer Naivedya every day, it can be offered on Tuesdays or Saturdays.

Diya for Hanuman Aarti:
A Ek or Panch Mukhi or One or Five Faced Lamp of Pure Ghee should be used for the Aarti of Lord Hanuman.

Notes: Articles on Bhagwan Hanuman can be seen in the sections Hanuman Mantras and Worship and Articles on Mantras.


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