Magical Healing and Obstacles Eliminating Beej Mantras

In this post, I have written about a Magical Sarva Badha Removal Beej Mantra for eliminating all obstacles, interruptions, nuisances, disturbances, threats, and dangers and a Magical Sarva Rog Nashak Mantra having the potential of eliminating all diseases and disorders.

These are authentic Hindu Three Words Beej Mantras, which have been derived from ancient Hindu Scriptures and are used to invoke the Mother Goddess Durga Mata for helping the devotee in fulfilling his wishes or achieving success in achieving his motives. The chanting procedures for both these Beej Mantras are very simple and hence any person can benefit by chanting these Mantras.

Diseases Eliminating Beej Mantra

Magical Beej Mantra to Eliminate All Obstacles:
This Magical Beej Mantra should be chanted whenever the practitioner is threatened or experiences discomfort and tension due to any problem or threat. "Badha" is a broad term that covers all possible problems, including supernatural problems and dangers. The Mantra can even be chanted every day for 10-15 minutes if the practitioner is regularly experiencing stress and tension due to the abovementioned problems and threats.

|| ऐं सें नमः ||
|| Aim Sem Namah ||

The Hindi video of this obstacle Eliminating Beej Mantra can be viewed on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Chamatkari Sarva Badha Nashak Beej Mantra.

Magical Beej Mantra for Eliminating Any Diseases: This disease, sickness, and disorder-eliminating Beej Mantra can be chanted regularly to gain relief from health-related problems. The Healing Mantra can be chanted before and after taking medicines. If suffering from more than one disease ailment or chronic health problems, the practitioner can chant the Mantra for 10-15 minutes in the morning or at bedtime. 

|| ऐं यं नमः ||
|| Aim Yam Namah ||

For both these Mantras: The practitioner should visualize Durga Mata; The Divine Mother Goddess of the Universe, for a few moments and then start chanting the Mantra. The Mantra will work quickly if the practitioner chants it with self-belief and devotion towards Durga Mata.

Note: Readers can see the sections Health Mantras for all kinds of Healing Spells and the sections: Protection Mantras and Exorcism Mantras for large collections of Problems and Obstacles Eliminating Mantras and Spells.


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