Simple and Powerful Meditation to Gain Supernatural Powers

In this post, I will explain the most simple but powerful meditation technique to gain divine, magical, and supernatural powers by chanting a single word Beej Mantra. This simple meditation will also energize the Kundalini Shakti and the Seven Chakras or Energy Centers contained within the Kundalini and unlock their true inherent powers.

Most people striving to gain Divine or Supernatural Siddhis practice long and complicated Mantra Sadhanas and do not get the expected results, even after putting in their best efforts. These people keep trying complicated Sadhanas, again and again, little realizing that the solution is much easier than you can imagine.

About this Mantra Sadhana:
1] The practitioner can start the Mantra Sadhana on any day and it is recommended that it should be practiced at least one hour after consuming any foodstuff.

2] The practitioner should sit on a comfortable seating mat or seat and then close his or her eyes and then verbally or mentally chant either Om-ॐ or Kleem-क्लीं for at least 5-10 minutes or until he does not experience any kind of discomfort or strain. If the practitioner desires, he can keep his eyes closed while chanting the Mantra.
The Power of Om Meditation

3] The minds of most people function in bits and pieces and not as a single or whole entity. If the practitioner fully concentrates upon the Beej Mantra and chants it in a thoughtless state of mind, he will become one with the Mantra and the Superconsciousness and his mind will start functioning as a whole entity and this will unlock or unleash its true potential and inherent powers.

About these two Beej Mantras: Most people take these Beej Mantras, especially Om for granted and think that it is something that is used mechanically at the beginning of a Mantra, Stotra, or Prarthana.

Om as mentioned time and again in many earlier articles corresponds to the sound of the vibration of the Universe and hence it is the Universal Sound or the frequency of the Powers of Creation, Preservation, and Dissolution and Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

Kleem is the Shri Krishna or Kaam Beej Mantra also called Akarshan Beej. This is a Most Powerful and secretive Beej Mantra that is also used in many Mantras and Stotras because it adds power to that Mantra or Stotra or unlocks the Power of the Mantra or Stotra. The Power of Om is also utilized in many Mantras and Prayers for the same purpose.

However, both these Beej Mantras, like most other Beej Mantras of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses can be used very effectively as standalone Meditation Mantras.

Why I have recommended these two Beej Mantras: According to some very advanced practitioners of Kundalini Tantra, these Beej Mantras give very good results in awakening and stimulating the Kundalini Shakti and the Seven Main Chakras and hence if all or even if some of these Seven Chakras are fully activated, then the practitioner will get divine, magical, and supernatural powers, including Powers like ESP, Telepathy and Remote Viewing.

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