Pandrah Ka Yantra of Ganesha and Kuber

In this post, I have written about two versions of the famous and most popular Pandrah Ka Yantra also called Pandrahiya Yantra which vibrates to the frequency of the number 15. The two versions described in this post are especially used to please Shri Ganesha and the Guardian of Wealth Kubera.

Pandrah K Yantra to Please Kuber:
This Yantra can also be termed Yantra Raj or the King of Yantras. It has been attributed with the power of attracting immense wealth and prosperity with every kind of prosperity with the blessings of Kuber Bhagwan.

The method of making and using this Pandrah Ka Yantra:
The Yantra should be engraved on a thin square piece of gold and then worn like a necklace around the neck. After the Yantra is prepared, it should be offered incense, an oil lamp, and a Naivedya of some sweet eatable.

Yantra to Please Kubera

The numbers of the Kuber 15 Ka Yantra in English:
4, 3, 8
9, 5, 1
2, 7, 6

Pandrah Ka Yantra to Please Shri Ganesha:
If Shri Ganesha is pleased the devotee gets everything in life and does not have to ask for anything because he or she gets everything without asking for it. The devotee will get all the wealth, peace, and protection without asking for it.

Yantra to please Ganesha

The procedure of making and using this 15 Ka Yantra:
The Yantra should be prepared on any Wednesday on a square piece of Bhojpatra or white paper using Haldi paste as the ink and a small pointed wooden stick as the pen. Then, it should be put inside a silver locket and worn around the neck. It should be worshiped in the same manner as the Kuber Yantra.

The Numbers in the English Language:
8, 1, 6
3, 5, 7
4, 9, 2

Notes: The Numbers are given in the Hindi Script, however, they can also be written in English or any other script.

See the Sections Yantras and Charms, Money Yantras, Ganesha Mantras and Tantra, and Mantras of Kubers for many such rare and unique Hindu Charms and Amulets, including versions of the Pandrah Ka Yantra for other purposes.


  1. What about "Rochan,Vashya,Pochan methods of getting mantra siddhi, you left out Peedan, and Braman.??

  2. Sir,
    Can I make 2 or 3 yantras on behalf of my family members at a time? Which colour thread will be used for the locket? Please reply.

    1. Yes you can make two Yantras, red thread can be used.

    2. Thank you sir for your reply๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


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